9+ People Who Did Not Get The Hairstyles They Were Expecting

Brittany Rae 8 Sep 2020

So, back in the day, we had this wonderful app called Vine. And one of the best Vines ever featured a girl covering her forehead, crying, saying, "What the [expletive.] I just wanted BANGS."

And her bangs were so short they were at her hairline.

My fellow Vine veterans know exactly what I'm talking about, right? Well, this whole article is just example after example of that Vine's unfortunate moment over and over again. Let's go.

1. I... The salon should return her money for this one.

Reddit | donttellmewhattodo-

So, I think what happened here is that whoever braided did it from above, instead of from behind. The braids aren't laid right because of that unfortunate choice.

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2. Um, I hope this wasn't her actual wedding day...

Reddit | Queen_of_Nuggets

Because I would absolutely cry if my wedding hair turned out like this. I am hoping this was just a style test-run. People do that, right? Pretty sure.

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3. My heart just goes out to this person.

Reddit | DuOroEldrvarya

Here's the explanation:

"Asked for a bang trim and "chocolate brown" hair color. Top image is the reference for the bangs. Bottom right is what my hair looked like when I walked into the salon. Bottom left is what I looked like when I left the salon."

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4. This is just so brutal.

Reddit | carli_snyder

The right was what the hair looked like before, the middle was the inspiration, and the left is the final product. Unfortunately, her hair was damaged beyond repair, so she's slowly been trying to dye it back darker and trim it down.

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5. See, this is why we can't have nice things.

I'm not qualified to know what went wrong here, but the fear that someone took a brush to her curls is very real. Anyone know what happened?

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6. This is a super shady salon.

Reddit | ThatGuyTheyCallAlex

"Posted by a local salon. The before is my mum AFTER they did her hair, the after is a completely different woman," this Reddit user explained.

You know you did a bad job when you have to use the real "after" pic as a "before" shot.

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7. Oh no. Oh no...

Reddit | KillTh3King

This person's friend wanted to go to beauty school, so they let them practice on their hair.

This just has big "Frenchie in Grease" energy, you know?

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8. The worst part of this haircut is that she didn't even ask for layers.

Reddit | kittenfloof

It was only after she got home that she realized her beautiful "after" picture was actually hiding a massively uneven haircut. That is such a bummer.

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9. I would CRY if this happened to my hair.

Reddit | Lozenge4Littlefinger

"We’ve gone to so many diff. barbershops and mid-range salons trying to wait for his hair to grow out for this hairstyle the past 2 years..." said the Reddit user who shared this photo.

That poor kid waited two years for someone to totally mess his hair up in an hour.

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10. She got cursed with an unintentional "Karen" haircut.

Reddit | MrsEmilyN

(With apologies to all the chill Karens out there.)

She went to the Hair Cuttery looking for a chic, asymmetrical bob, and instead she got a hacked-up Karen. That is just the worst.

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11. I THINK this was supposed to be a long shag.

Reddit | dbnfang

I'm sorry to report that her hair is not in pigtails in that second picture. It is...so very sad. She said she'd take the award for "worst haircut" and honestly, as brutal as that is, that haircut might deserve it.

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12. Apparently, this was impossible to achieve in one sitting.

Reddit | Fightswithcrows

"What I asked for VS what I got - $450 AUD and 4.5hrs later... I'm going to bed," said this Reddit user.

People in the comments pointed out that expectation was hard to get. However, for $450, you'd hope your stylist would warn you.

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13. Please save her from these curls.

Reddit | Yugen9x

Guys, perms are no joke. You cannot mess around with them. Having said that, those curls will look great in like...a month! Until then, it's hat season 24/7.

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14. Well...at least they're curls!

Reddit | Sorrypuppy

This was an attempt at ragdoll curls and um...well, it didn't work, let's just leave it at that. Repeat after me: Do not brush out curls. Do not brush out curls.

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15. Honey, you accidentally nailed auburn.

Reddit | HumongousFungus123

"Since we are sharing bad hair experiences... here’s mine. Left is what I wanted, right is what I got," said this Redditor.

Um... That's orange. Everything about this is just so very sad.

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16. They did not consent to that length.

Reddit | staciegrrl

"[...] the desired cut was waaaay longer. My hair was long, I wanted shoulder length. She gave me chin length."

I would have a full breakdown if someone basically cut off all my hair like that.

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17. Missing: bleach.

Reddit | MsDyn0mite

"Went to the hair salon today. Asked for what's on the left. Walked out with the right. Now [I] have to find someone to fix it."

Whoever did this failed to bleach the hair blonde first before adding dye. WTF?

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18. This hair looks pixelated.

Reddit | Ivey_Mom

It doesn't look too bad until you actually get up to the dye line, right? And then it looks like someone was trying to do a pixelated look and failed.

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19. Second verse, same as the first.

Reddit | romanticat

Shoutout to another lack of bleach here. And this isn't a DIY job, by the way — a professional stylist did that. I have so many questions.

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20. This is what heartbreak looks like.

Reddit | khaideptrai

Like... That haircut was never going to turn out great because it's basically a faded bowl cut. But why is it so high?! Why are the hairs on top so short? Just...why?

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Reddit | MintBB

This is just SO SAD. They didn't even try to get this right! The color is meant to be on the bottom, there's only one shade of blue... I just feel so bad for whoever's head this is.

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22. Box dyes just can't get you platinum on the first try.

Reddit | Tiqui

This was supposed to be a new look for a birthday, but it didn't turn out. Box dyes usually can't achieve a full platinum cover on the first go. I have managed a platinum ombré, though!

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23. How far up did the stylist go here?!

Reddit | My_Name_Is_Ana

It was barely supposed to go 1/4 of the way up, not 3/4! According to the poster, their friends and family got a real kick out of it. Silver linings!

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