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10+ Adorable Pit Bull Mixes That Will Brighten Anyone's Day

Amy Pilkington 5 Sep 2020

Pit bulls, or "bully breeds," get a bad rap in the mainstream culture. It's not their fault that they were bred to be muscular machines or that bad people prioritized their worst habits for profit.

Skewed reporting also leads to myths about the dogs, painting them as scary or dangerous when the truth is far more nuanced.

So let's take a moment to appreciate the pibble by gushing and giggling at the unique way they mix with other breeds.

1. Pit Bull + Corgi

Reddit | Ginjah

I can't handle those ears!

The corgi pit is a fairly uncommon designer mix that results in a very active dog, so don't let those stubby legs fool you.

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2. Pit Bull + Beagle

Instagram | @beaglebull.bandit

Well, doesn't this beagle bull look like the friendliest little dog?

These medium-sized guys have the muscles and athleticism of their bully side, but the friendliness of the beagle's.

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3. Pit Bull + Bull Mastiff

Reddit | jdg8

That is a very big puppy and it's going to grow into a very big dog.

Bull pistiffs are not for the faint of heart or the fragile of lap.

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4. Pit Bull + Dalmatian

Instagram | @finneasandpherbs

While the myth that Dalmatians aren't great family dogs has mostly faded, the pitmatian mix can combine the best and worst tendencies of both dogs.

But the spots are so cute!

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5. Pit Bull + Dachshund

Instagram | @zilkerbark

I never realized that a sausage dog could be even more sausage, but the dox-pit mix proves me wrong.

Excuse me, but I need to go find video of one of these cuties walking, because it's probably adorable!

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6. Pit Bull + Yorkie

Instagram | @alexandriasgrooming

This mix isn't a popular one and so is more often due to accidents than purposeful breeding, but I think that's a shame. The muscular build with the wiry fur of the Yorkshire terrier is really cute!

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7. Pit Bull + Husky

Instagram | @sunny_the_pitsky

All of the pitsky examples I found online were gorgeous and ranged in how much of the husky half was visible, but most of them had those beautiful blue eyes.

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8. Pit Bull + Boxer

Instagram | @candicetzeng

Pitoxers are a powerful mix of two meaty breeds, but though they might look beefy, they are really just sweethearts.

Sweethearts with a lot of energy, so be ready!

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9. Pit Bull + Pug

Imgur | theskywasred

I wonder if this pugbull looks a lot like purebred pugs did back in the day. Before bad breeders began choosing cuteness over health.

I'm sure some of those wrinkles will smooth as this pup grows, but he's always going to be adorable.

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10. Pit Bull + Shar Pei

Instagram | @kira_thesharpull

Of the less common mixes, the sharbull may be my favorite in appearance. Hard to argue with those tiny ears perched atop the block-like head.

Since both parent breeds originate from guarding and fighting roots, it's very important to properly socialize, train, and provide plenty of exercise.

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11. Pit Bull + Chihuahua

Instagram | @sizedoesntmatter

This is probably the mix that raises the most eyebrows. The... mechanics just seem impossible.

In a lot of cases, breeders use artificial insemination to solve that problem, but the mix happens by accident enough that the dogs clearly have it figured out.

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12. Pit Bull + Golden Retriever

Imgur | sugar99waterpurple

Golden bulls are stunning dogs. Something about the mix just works, you know? Especially this example, with the eyes matching the coat.

It's like a cuddly bear.

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