Quotes For When Old Age Has You Groaning

Amy Pilkington 6 Sep 2020

A upside of working from home is that I can literally roll out of bed and open my laptop. Which is a quick enough commute that I can basically sleep until five minutes before my work day technically begins.

The downside to that is the fact that if I don't get up early enough, I have to start working before my aching, aging bones are ready for it.

It seems like a cruel joke that as someone who loves to write, my worst physical ailment is chronic hand pain.

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If I don't wake up early enough, just tapping the keys on my laptop makes my knuckles sound like an old mechanical keyboard and sends uncomfortable aches throughout the muscles of my palm.

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This isn't a wholly new issue, since the first signs of trouble began in high school.


But back then, it was mostly just a problem in gym class when the sport of the day happened to involve a lot of balls impacting my hands.

Since I have never been athletic, I mostly saw it as a bonus when I got to sit out penalty-free whenever volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc. was on the agenda.

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Now that I'm over 30 and don't have a gym class requirement to graduate from life, I can just not do those things.

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Which is great, but the deterioration of my hands has never stopped.

And now the rest of my body seems to be catching up with them.

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Have you ever tried to be super silent getting out of bed, so you won't wake your partner?

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Or in my case, my dogs? Yeah, that's impossible now.

When the time comes to move and face the world, I guarantee that there will be at least some popping joints and muffled groans. Often, those are joined by curse words I can't print here.

If this is me now, what will I sound like in another ten years?

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