Quotes For When Dog Life Is Just 'No Take, Only Throw'

Amy Pilkington 6 Sep 2020

If you've never lived with a dog you may assume that they all have generally the same sort of personality. There may be some variation, but for the most part it's all on the same dog personality spectrum.

As someone with two dogs currently fighting for attention, I can safely say that said assumption is wrong and these two mostly get along due to the whole "opposites attract" trope.

This is especially true when it comes to what motivates them.

Instagram | @downtowndogstampa

Basil, the shih tzu, loves food. If you want him to recite a sonnet and do a dance, he'll do his doggy best if there is a treat at the end of it.

Meanwhile, Wesley, a shih tzu poodle mix, isn't going to do anything for you, regardless of the tasty morsel you may offer in return.

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He's getting better with basic training, but for a dog so stubborn about it, you'd think he'd be less demanding of me in return.

Instagram | @hmpets

Is Wesley going to sit for five seconds and earn a piece of cheese? Nope, but is he going to wait those same five seconds for me to finish typing these words before he knocks my laptop closed to protest the lack of fetch currently being played in this house?

Hell yes, he is.

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Fetch isn't a casual game to Wesley. It is a lifestyle.

Instagram | @thecontentaisle

I do not simply take a break to play a game of fetch. My life is simply one, never-ending game of fetch and I have a very specific quota for how many throws I must complete in a 24-hour period.

Did I have a dinner date and not get home until after nine?

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Too bad, because Wesley knows I am 30 throws short of my requirement and he will drop that slimy toy on my face while I try to sleep.

Reddit | alikatbar

Am I, however, never allowed to take said toy from him. No take. Only throw.

But also, always throw, which is kind of hard when he won't give me the thing he requires me to toss.

I love this dog, but he's also kind of the worst.

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