Quotes For When Working From Home Is A State Of Mind

Amy Pilkington 6 Sep 2020

As someone who originally chose to work weekends because it meant I could work from home two days a week without anyone questioning it, I thought I was ready to take on this whole 2020 isolation thing.

In some ways, I was. My pajama wardrobe was already vast and separated into "things I actually sleep in" and "comfy things still neutral enough to run errands in," so I was good to go!

However, it has become abundantly clear that the act of going into the office three days a week was keeping some bad habits in check.

Instagram | @madeit

I've mostly found a shower schedule that I remember to follow, but I still end up wandering back upstairs sometime around brunch when I realize I forgot to brush my teeth when I got up.

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I did try to practice proper ergonomics and work at my desk with fewer distractions, but that lasted like... three days.

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I can't explain it, but for some reason my back and shoulders hurt more after sitting at my writing desk all day than they do when I'm stretched out on the couch with a pillow under my knees to ensure my laptop is at a comfortable height.

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The fact that Netflix can be on in the background is just a handy bonus feature to this arrangement.

Instagram | @wecanwork_fromhome

I also only get away with this arrangement because I live alone.

Well, almost alone. I have two small dogs, but they've mostly gotten used to my new habit of always being home.

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The best and worst part of working from home, though, is how productive I am in general.

Twitter | @StillNotCool2

That sounds weird, but when I used to have to spend time after work doing chores, they helped keep my tendency to take on too much in check.

Now I've just filled that extra space with "projects" that continue to distract me from getting actual work done.

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