10+ Times Popular Brands Tried To Trick Us

Do you ever find yourself reading labels only to find out that a brand has tricked you? For example, when a product is advertised as bigger than before only the grams are exactly the same.

Or, that the package is bigger and better but it ends up being exactly the same size? I absolutely hate when that happens and so do these folks.

1. This Tricky Packaging

Reddit | Aristo_socrates

When you buy a product you assume that the packaging reflects what's inside, right? Wrong! Many times it turns out the package is just much bigger than the product inside. This cream, for example, will only last you a week.

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2. This Deceptive Falafel Sandwich

Reddit | valdamjong

Can you believe this sandwich? I can't get over it. This is exactly why I'm so weary of buying sandwiches to go in fancy packaging like this. Am I crazy or is my concern totally valid?

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3. This Totally False Nutrition Claim

Reddit | RobBegArm

This brand of snacks advertises that their product is enriched with Vitamin A. Awesome, right? Well, actually, not so much. When you inspect the label more thoroughly you'll see that it contains zero Vitamin A. What a scam.

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4. This Online Review

Reddit | minigandhi

Wow, can you believe this company? They didn't even catch their own gaffe here. How can you have any trust in online reviews when companies do something like this? How dishonest and silly is this really?

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5. This Silly Packaging

Reddit | Puzzling_Mind

Let's just package our chocolates in the most inefficient way possible, huh? That should be this brand's slogan, ha, ha! They could have stacked way more product if they had some reason or logic to their packaging. But, they clearly wanted to just save money.

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6. This Confusing Packaging

Reddit | azrimgiab

This brand of OJ is really confusing to its customers. First, they say it's premium squeezed orange juice. Then, they say it's from concentrate and then they say it's not from concentrate. So which one is it?

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7. This Terrible Sandwich


If I bought this sandwich, I, too, would be royally ticked upon further inspection of it. They make it look like it's packed with stuff when it's pretty terrible inside. I would ask for my money back.

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8. This 'Homemade' Brand

Reddit | RohanKiLadki

You'd think that if a brand has "homemade" in its name it would actually be homemade. In this case, it's totally false. It's just a trademarked name of a product and not how it's made. This is so sad.

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9. These Easter Chocolates


If you ever bought something like this for your kid for Easter, you probably got pretty annoyed too. This person thought they were getting way more chocolates than this. How can they do this to us?

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10. This Sneaky Beef Jerky

Reddit | Cyruslego

OMG, are you kidding me here? This Vietnamese beef jerky product makes it look like there's so much more jerky in there. But really it just looks like somebody already took a big bite out of it.

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11. This Makeup Packaging

Reddit | butterinablop

Most ladies would definitely agree with me that makeup products are already very overpriced. But when a brand does this with its packaging you really do feel like you're been duped even more. This is ridiculous.

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12. These Hotel Rules

Reddit | Feelsave

This hotel offers a kettle and glasses for their guests to use but then there's a folder in a drawer with rules. One of them says you have to pay a fine if you use the kettle. WTF?

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13. This Bag Of Lies

Reddit | AApickleAA

This bag of Doritos claims that it's bigger than the previous product. But once you examine the actual weight you'll realize that it's exactly the same. Only the bag is bigger and not the actual amount of product inside.

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14. This Snickers Bar


That bigger Snickers bar claims to be equal to the size of two regular Snickers bars, but a quick comparison shows us that's not the case at all. Shame on you, Snickers!

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I always get so annoyed when brands do tricky advertisements like these.


Or make us think we're getting more than what we actually are. The sad truth is that these schemes are so common these days. So you better be careful if you don't want to get fooled.

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