12+ Tattoos With An Incredible Backstory

There are usually special reasons for someone getting a particular tattoo. I got mine because I was inspired by my favorite James Bond movie.

Folks often get tribute tattoos for the loved ones who passed or their beloved pets. Others get scars covered with a pretty ink design. Whatever the reason might be, it's really cool to find out the story behind these tattoos.

1. This Life's Journey

Reddit | Vikingsson

This person moved from Sydney to Ireland when they were 10-years-old. Now that they're 20, they wanted to commemorate this special life's journey with their first tattoo. How beautiful is this piece? It's so unique and cool.

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2. This Tribute To Science

Reddit | LukeNerfwalker

Oh my goodness, how amazing and elaborate is this piece? What an incredible tribute to science and its most famous brilliant mind. I'm so impressed by the detail in this design. It's absolutely mind-boggling to me.

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3. This Nurse Tattoo

Reddit | mywitsending

Many people like to celebrate their special profession by getting a tattoo. This nurse shows off her piece before entering an ICU in El Salvador to care for COVID-19 patients. That's such a bold statement and I thank her for it.

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4. This 14-Year-Old's Dream Ink

Reddit | Fellowmumbler

This girl has been waiting since she was 14-years-old to get this special ink on her skin. Judging by the way it looks, I think it was definitely worth the wait. What do you think?

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5. This 'Lord Of The Rings' Piece

Reddit | kimba_319

If you're a true Lord of the Rings fan, I bet you'll recognize this saying. I think this is such a great location for a quote tattoo. It fits the collar bone just fine here.

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6. This Doggo Tat

Reddit | sunshineandpopcorn

Here's one of the most unusual dog tribute tattoos I've seen in a while. It's the owner and her beloved pup. I gotta admit, I absolutely love the idea for this black and white piece. How cute and touching is this?

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7. This Cool Encounter Tattoo

Reddit | -dw

This guy had a cool encounter with a penguin at Dallas World Aquarium. He then went back a few years later to show the little guy the tattoo he got of him. Ha, ha! Isn't that the funniest story?

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8. This Couples' Tattoo

Reddit | ElephantErik

This couple got one of the most interesting tattoo designs I've ever heard of. It's actually a diagram depicting the position of the planets as they were the exact time they were married. Wow, how interesting is that?

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9. This Fitting Piece

Reddit | VPinecone

Here's someone who definitely has a great sense of humor. After having an amputation, he got an awesome tattoo that depicts his very situation. I think that's such a positive way to look at life.

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10. This Tribute To A Friend

Reddit | PleaseBeSafeGuys

The person who got this unique tattoo just lost a friend in a climbing accident. Once you know the story behind it, you can completely understand why they got what they got. A fitting tribute, indeed.

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11. This Tribute To Mom and Grandma

Reddit | kiptown

Oh wow, look at this beautiful black and white work. I'm totally blown away by how special this tattoo is. One of these portraits is this person's mom and the other one is their grandma.

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12. This Mom And Daughter Bonding Piece

Reddit | buzzyzoe

How cool is it that this mom and daughter got matching tattoos together? I think this is such an awesome bonding experience you can have with your parent or a sibling. I would love to convince my mom to do this.

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13. This Cover-Up Piece

Reddit | He_is_the_Man

Wow, this tattoo cover-up is truly outstanding, isn't it? It's so awesome that the tattoo artist incorporated this person's birthmark to make such an amazing design. The entire piece looks insanely good.

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I'm always so interested to find out what the motivation was behind somebody's unique tattoo.

Giphy | CBC

The stories are always so fascinating. I, myself, would love to one day get a tattoo tribute for my mom. I think that would just be so wonderful.

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