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Dad Said He Didn't Want A Dog — Now He Tucks His Favorite Pup In For Nap Time

Why is it always dads who are so against bringing a four-legged friend into their home, but who also ultimately end up loving that dog more than anyone else? Maybe it's because they can't admit they're absolute suckers for doggos.

Or maybe they just don't know it yet.

Sometimes all it takes is the right dog to bring out that side of them, and soon they're doing things they never thought they would. Like, for example, tucking their puppy in for a nap.

Seven years ago, Rachael Rodrigues was given a puppy as her graduation present, and while she was obviously thrilled, she was also somewhat confused.

As she explained to The Dodo, “Both my parents were very anti-dog, as we've always had cats and they were hesitant with the additional work (training, walking, grooming, etc.) that comes with a dog."

Although she believed her parents, and especially her dad, would want nothing to do with the golden retriever puppy she named Oliver, Rachel was stunned to find the opposite to actually be true.

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“Dad was smitten from the start,” she said.

Indeed, right away her "no dogs allowed" dad began doting on little Oliver, carrying him around the house and cuddling him as much as possible. Just how deep was his love? Well...

"In the first week that we got him, we thought Oliver had a stomachache and wouldn't sleep through the night, so Dad slept on the floor with him under a blanket and rubbed his stomach the whole night," Rachael recalled.

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In no time at all, Oliver had progressed way past "dog" in Rachael's dad's eyes, and is now treated just like he's another child in the house.

Of course, being a dog who thrives on love and affection, Oliver soaks up absolutely everything his new dad has to offer.

Especially when it comes to nap time.

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Indeed, Rachael's dad and Oliver have a heart-melting, pawsitively adorable routine when the doggo wants to get some shut-eye.

While Oliver sprawls out on his little doggy bed, complete with his very own pillow, his human dad will bring over his Winnie the Pooh blanket to help tuck in the big, furry baby.

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Rachael managed to capture a video showing the loved-up pair's nap time routine in action.

Be warned, there's a lot of cuteness in just that one video and your heart may not be able to take all of it. Proceed with caution.

“The video is pretty much what Dad and Oliver's relationship is like — Dad treats him like an absolute baby (even though he won't admit it) and Oliver laps it all up,” Rachael told The Dodo.

To see more of Oliver and his beloved dad, check out the pup's official Instagram page!

h/t: The Dodo

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