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15+ Old School Pics That Are Just As Entertaining Today

They always say that the experience of fighting a war boils down to spending long periods in boring circumstances to prepare for the moments of utter horror that reveal themselves once the actual fighting starts.

And based on the way a lot of us were taught about it, it can be hard not to see history itself as working roughly the same way. But while the people of the past may have had fewer ways to entertain themselves than we do now, that doesn't mean their lives teetered between boredom and terror as often as our textbooks would suggest.

As we can see, they knew how to have fun back then, too.

1. It's hard to tell how or why someone make this extremely tall bike, but this New Zealand man was curious enough to try it out back in 1949.

Reddit | C0untZero

Apparently, the only way he could stay on it for long enough to take this picture was to hold onto the macrocapa tree behind him.

I'm guessing he didn't stay on the bike for long.

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2. Back in 1992, the crew of the HMS Hermione apparently ranged from the youngest to the oldest possible ages to serve in Britain's Royal Navy.

Reddit | Oriachim

And so it seems they took a fun picture between the youngest and oldest sailor on the ship to commemorate that fact.

One definitely seems more amused by everything than the other guy but I suppose he could be smiling under that beard.

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3. It was pretty hard to get the right lighting in the old days so photos from the past tend to make scenes look drearier than they actually were.

Reddit | sillyloly

For instance, nobody at this Australian wedding in 1930 seems terribly happy to be there but the decision to hold the ceremony in the impressive and beautiful Buchan Caves seems to suggest otherwise.

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4. At some point in the early 1950s, the uploader's grandparents showed some impressive balance when they water skied together.

Reddit | Aylee77

If that wasn't difficult enough, there's a third picture where a friend joins in and the woman stands on both of their shoulders.

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5. Here we see famous street artist Keith Haring posing with some kids from New York's Lower East Side after painting a mural at the Pitt Street Boys’ Club.

Reddit | Str33twise84

According to his foundation's website, this was one of 50 public arts projects he would create between 1982 and 1989 and they usually adorned charities, hospitals, orphanages, and children's day care centers like this one.

He would later start a foundation for funding and providing artwork for AIDS organizations a year after being diagnosed with the disease in 1988. He would succumb to the illness in 1990.

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6. Shortly before heading off to school in Galveston, Texas back in 1910, Lucius Harper Jr. stood for this photo.

Reddit | Gwanbigupyaself

Although his clothing is obviously very different from most kids you'll see today, there's always at least one kid in every class who still brings this kind of confidence to Picture Day.

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7. Back in 1985, this walking Adaptive Suspension Vehicle developed at Ohio State University must have seemed downright futuristic.

Reddit | notbob1959, The Ohio State University Archives

Pictured here are its head developers Robert McGhee and Kenneth Waldron, but they had a team of about 60 people creating it with them.

According to the National Science Foundation, this was celebrated at the time for its ability to carry industrial and military cargo over mountainous, muddy, icy, or otherwise rough terrain.

However, word about it seemed to die down after the '80s ended.

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8. These friends were on a boat trip to a nearby island in 1980 when they took this cool photo in South Korea.

Reddit | paperpancakes7

The woman with the pink sweater around her waist is the uploader's mom and she said, "It was fun, but we went with each other because none of us had boyfriends."

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9. As you might have guessed, this crowd came together in Chicago back in 1933 to celebrate the end of Prohibition.

Reddit | DiosMioMan2

Although this photo is 87 years old by now, the first question everyone seems to have about it is why one gentleman in the lower right seems to have such bugged out eyes.

Speaking as someone else whose eyes can get really big when they drink, my guess is that he stated celebrating earlier than the others.

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10. Whether they realized it or not at the time, these youths gathered in England were witnessing the end of an era.

Reddit | ryuundo

That's because this was the site of the Wigan Casino's final dance competition held the year it closed down in 1981.

Before then, this venue was the heart of the U.K.'s Northern Soul scene where British teens would come together during the '70s to dance to old, obscure American soul records.

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11. Although they wouldn't be considered so unusual nowadays, the heavily tattooed bodies of Fred Clark and Lady Viola drew crowds back in the 1920s and 1930s.

Reddit | auberna

As a performance studies scholar named Anni Irish told Vice, tattoos occupied an odd cultural space in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

Although their popularity among sailors and criminals at the time gave them a seedy reputation, people would nonetheless pay to gawk at people covered in tattoos at sideshows.

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12. Here we can see the uploader's dad back when he found himself playing football in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Reddit | sizemore727

If that didn't confirm that he's probably as buff as he seems in this photo, the fact that the two young women he's posing with appear to have a hard time lifting him should drive the point home.

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13. Although they weren't widely used throughout the nation back then, the Civil War likely featured more hot air balloons than you might expect.

Reddit | Ishnolead

According to Slate, balloonist Thaddeus Lowe was able to convince then-President Abraham Lincoln to support the Union Army with a fleet of balloons for reconnaissance purposes.

Although this corps exclusively operated in the Virginia theater of the war throughout 1862 and 1863, they showed their value by providing the right information to allow Union artillery units to hit targets they couldn't actually see.

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14. Once upon a time, it took a whole lot more setup and equipment to put on an EDM show.

Reddit | lordlynightshade

Although that term wouldn't have been used to describe Tangerine Dream's music back in 1974, the experience of seeing them live would likely be closer to modern DJs than most bands at the time.

We're not likely to see anybody who uses this many tarps nowadays, though.

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15. Much like with Ronald McDonald, it's clear that the way we envision the Kool-Aid Man has changed a lot since he first stepped on the scene.

Reddit | onepersononeidea

There isn't much that's clear about the Kool-Aid Man of the 1970s but I'll bet he's glad they didn't make him crash through any walls before the more cartoonish design we're familiar with today was adopted.

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16. Although it likely wasn't fun to build a tunnel that connected the U.K. to continental Europe, this meeting between the workers involved looks like it felt special.

Reddit | Ishnolead

Based on the exchange of flags here, it seems that the British and French workers involved with creating the "Chunnel" were excited to see each other even with the arduous digging that would take.

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17. It may happen in the NBA all the time but this photo reminds us how difficult it is for the average person to get a slam dunk.

Reddit | abby_greenwich

After all, even the uploader's dad can't seem to believe he's doing it in this shot from his senior year in 1988.

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18. For the uploader's 38th birthday, his family sent him this photo taken during his younger days in Austria.

Reddit | S4m0s

Although he identified himself as the kid with the plastic bag in his mouth at the bottom, he can't seem to recall exactly what he was trying to do here.

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19. Police can generally expect to deal with more drunken revellers than usual on Halloween and it seems that's been true for decades.

Reddit | onepersononeidea

After all, that's how these two officers came to find themselves arresting a drunk skeleton back in 1950. It doesn't look like he's in any condition to resist.

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20. If any picture we've seen today is worth 1,000 words, it's this one showing Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a toboggan with then-President George H.W. Bush in 1991.

Reddit | uncomfortablejoe

Based on the caption, the reason why Schwarzenegger looked so nervous about this ride was that he couldn't get the sled to turn.

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