10+ People Who Took Their Love Of Plants To The Next Level

Are you obsessed with your houseplants? Do you treat them like members of your family or as if they were your favorite pet? I think some people prefer plants to humans to say it bluntly, ha, ha!

And there's nothing wrong with that if you ask me. These folks took their love of plants to the next level and I'm truly impressed by it.

1. This Impressive Setup

Reddit | wimpygrad98

While this plant display isn't totally finished, as you can see here, I think it's already pretty impressive as it is. Add a few more cute plants and it will look super cool in this vast space.

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2. This Wall Display

There's something so cool about putting your plants on the wall for them to climb, huh? I would love to set something up like this in my house one day. I think it just looks so fabulous.

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3. This Winter-Ready Spot

Reddit | isabelrandom

How do you ensure that your plants are ready for winter? Well, you can follow this person's suit and get a set-up like this. With plenty of UV lights, these babies will definitely grow beautifully.

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4. This Cool Living Room

This looks like the kind of living room I would enjoy. The plants are blending into their environment and look so lovely here. I bet they will provide enough humidity for the guitar to be well preserved too.

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5. This Sunny Nook

I would love to create a sunny nook for all my plants to enjoy one day. This looks like just the kind of place I'm thinking of. What a cool variety of pretty plants here. I adore this.

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6. This Colorful Array

Reddit | Eric_Cartmanezzz

If you're a fan of getting a variety of plants I bet you probably have something like this to aspire to. I see so many favorite little gems here and it makes me want to add a few more to my collection.

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7. This Impressive Plant

Reddit | SamuraiThicc

If your Schefflera plant doesn't look as impressive as this, don't get discouraged. Apparently, this one is owned by a lady who's been growing it for 35 years. Whoa, I had no idea they can grow as big as this.

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8. This Beautiful Collection

This guy's indoor plant garden is growing into such epic proportions he's struggling to find more space. This is a good problem to have if you asked me, hee, hee. All these plants look so pretty and healthy, I'm jealous.

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9. This Awesome Foliage

Wow, talk about being surrounded by greenery, hee, hee. I'm so impressed by the healthy foliage I see here. These plants look like they're having the best life ever. I'm so happy to see them flourish so well.

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10. This Living Room Jungle

Reddit | miffydbunny

Seriously, if this photo isn't living room goals, I dunno what is. It looks like even the cat is having a grand ol' time here, hee, hee. I gotta say, I would, too, if I was him.

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11. These Gorgeous Orchids

I can't tell you how obsessed I am with orchids. The sad truth is though that I've killed every single one I owned. Looking at this gorgeous display makes me want to try to get some again.

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12. This Amazing Room

Can you imagine sitting on the couch in this room and sipping your afternoon coffee or tea? I definitely could. This is the coziest space I've seen in a while. You wouldn't be able to kick me out of here, hee, hee.

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13. This Epic Succulent Display

Reddit | cakelin99

OMG, talking about an impressive plant display here. This person's grandma's hobby is breeding succulents and judging by this space I'd say she's doing something right. This is the most amazing collection I've seen in one place.

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Oh my goodness, I'm thrilled to see people care so much for their plants.

Giphy | thefutureiswow

It's like they've become their children or something, hee, hee. If I had more space in my house I would make it into an indoor jungle, too.

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