11+ Designers Who Deserve A Standing Ovation

Brittany Rae 9 Sep 2020

Listen, it's fun to dunk on bad designs. We all love a good laugh! But we also have to take a moment to give a shout-out to truly good designs, too.

After all, designers have pretty thankless jobs — you only really notice their work if it sticks out in a bad way. This time, let's have a ton of fun and show off some of the coolest, most unique designs we could find!

1. This really cool Marvel bag.

Reddit | A__Hamster

While this is a mock-up, this should absolutely become reality! Who hasn't wanted to be noted Canadian Wolverine once in their lives? Yeah, he's Canadian. Look it up.

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2. This is attention to detail at its finest.

Reddit | Redditor23005

This is the fire exit sign in an Egyptian museum, and I absolutely love it. This level of detail really shows that someone cared about having fun and staying on brand!

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3. These fountains are SO cute.

Reddit | Theworldwalk

This is a fountain in Azerbaijan, and it looks like little (or big, actually) dandelions! This would be so fun to play in. Wait. Okay, imagine a dog playing in this. I love that idea.

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4. These Lipton cartons tell a whole story!

Reddit | GothamGuardian12

They didn't have to go this hard with the design, but they did. They did that for us! The cartons all fade into one another, which makes me wonder if you're meant to drink them at different points in the day.

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5. I fell for this for a quick second there.


I just want to give the designer who did this for McDonald's a round of applause. It was done as a Valentine's Day promotion, and now I want a burger. So, it worked.

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6. Lego is just on another level.

Reddit | squid50s

Every time I see a Lego advertisement, I wish I was still a kid and had time to play with Legos. Look how creative and cool that is! Anyone who works for Lego has the best job ever.

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7. These shoes have pride.

Reddit | ViddyDoodah

This is an ad for the British shoe company, Clark's. It really goes to show that the simplest ideas make the most impactful, creative designs. Way to mark 70 years of good design!

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8. This milk box design is the cat's meow.

Reddit | peguipa

How fun would it be to try and collect the different carton designs? I'd go for the one in the middle, personally. That wide-eyed cat looks like my tiny idiot.

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9. This ad for anti-cyberbullying speaks volumes.


It invokes so much imagery to me. There's the obvious gun, but it also looks like a smoking ad I once saw — does anyone else know what I mean? The colors and minimalism just scream danger.

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10. Anyone else a total sucker for good package design?

Reddit | UtmostPants

The darker the wood grain is, the darker your tan will be. Having said that...wear sunscreen, people. Life's too short to risk it all for a tan, you know?

Sincerely, A redhead.

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11. Whoever re-designed the Coke packaging at Disney World deserves an award.

Reddit | Mike_DiGreg

I actually have one of these! The re-design aligns perfectly with the theming of "Galaxy's Edge," aka the Star Wars area of Disney World. Even the Diet Cokes are themed!

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12. As a Canadian, I can confirm we have these signs.

Reddit | thatvendingmachine99

Keep exactly one hockey stick away from me, please. Or, as a sign I saw down the street says, stay at least three Canadian geese apart. Yes, I saw a sign like that. Yes, Canada is a parody sometimes.

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13. Okay, that's pretty clever.

Reddit | ydontulikefootball

When a lake is so still that you can see your reflection constantly, you kind of have to play with the sign design. (Try saying that five times fast.)

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14. Have a biscuit, Potter.

Reddit | Lord_Cornwallis_III

Everyone needs a place to keep their next biscuit while they dunk the one in their hand, right? I love how sweet this idea is. Infinite dunking biscuits!

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15. This barcode for a vacuum-pack company.

Reddit | cactusjackcactus

OMG. This is actually a logo that looks like a barcode! Whoever designed this is a genius, tbh. If I were them, I'd use this as an actual barcode on their products.

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16. Never mix up caffeinated and decaffeinated again.

Reddit | Suspect-Flimsy

I love really clever food packaging! This is a great way to differentiate between the two while still keeping the branding the same. Also, I am that sleepy owl 24/7.

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17. This awesome coffee carrier.

I hope this design gets used by a coffee company, because it's so genius. Say goodbye to those trays you have to balance while digging out your keys!

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18. This is so cute!

Reddit | CodyRud

Surf, sand, sun, and wifi. Could life get better? Not only does Randwick have great branding, but that free wifi deal is actually super great. I too would like to browse my phone on the beach.

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19. Love this bus stop heating.

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

I would ALSO like to stand at a bus stop and be gently cooked like a delicious hamburger. No, I don't find that weird. Yes, I am hungry and a little chilly. Why do you ask?

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20. Most word mash-ups fail.

Reddit | beachhouse21

This one didn't! It's easy to read, clever, and most importantly: It actually works. I am thrilled to report that this design gets the passing grade from me.

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21. You know Tabasco's marketing department had fun with this one.

Reddit | sleepinginthewoods

It's so great, until you realize that the fire extinguisher is meant to put out the heat. Regardless, I'm still a big fan of this level of creativity.

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22. The Year of the Rat designs for Chinese New Year were truly next level.

Reddit | thankyou9527

Seriously, designers really stepped up their game with the 2020/Year of the Rat designs! This one communicates so much in such a clever way.

This envelope is nicer than all of 2020 has been, tbh.

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23. This is so charming.

Reddit | ScarlettDevill

Look at how cute that is! This cute sign is the perfect way to warn people of a wet floor while also maintaining a cute aesthetic. I'm a big fan and I want to see these, like, everywhere.

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