9+ Painfully Funny DIY Project Fails

Brittany Rae 9 Sep 2020

DIY: it's the thing we all think we're good at, but so few of us are.

Whether it's DIY crafts (low stakes), DIY appliance installation (medium stakes), or DIY car repair (VERY HIGH STAKES), some people just weren't meant to create their own solutions. Let's take a look at their failed masterpieces.

1. Wait for it...

Reddit | zingusdingus

"I installed my own microwave today and saved $150 in install fees!"

The pain I feel at looking at that smashed range is real. Oh, and the kicker? The repair will cost the same as a new stove. Great!

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2. This is SO SAD.

Reddit | /jetaimezombies

They tried so hard, and got so far. And in the end, the door was upside down.

At that point, I'd literally swap the hinges. Just go with it.

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3. Do not paint your own ceiling light.

Reddit | SluggishStudent

I repeat: do not take your ceiling light down, use duct tape as painter's tape, only paint one layer, and then put it back up. It will not go well, and not even Captain America will be able to use that shield.

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4. A picture really speaks a thousand words.

Reddit | jasper_dean

I... we're not all meant for DIY. I'm just speechless right now. On the upside, it's a good excuse to replace that fan. What? It's really old-fashioned and kinda ugly!

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5. Doing your nails is hard, to be fair.

Honestly, she got kinda close! Right?

No, she didn't. If you're going to attempt this, maybe opt for a stencil and practice a lot. Otherwise, you'll end up with what looks like electrical lines on your nails.

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6. See, this is why we don't try Pinterest hacks.

Never mess with glass, people. And do not listen to any hack that teaches you how to cut glass, because I guarantee you're going to fail at BEST and end up in the hospital at worst. Not worth it.

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7. This is absolutely incredible.

This is up there with an Ikea assembly fail for me. I feel like I would do this exact same thing. You just don't think through some things when you're hyper focused!

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8. I would also do this.

You could use a stud finder, or you could just randomly stick nails in the wall until you find one yourself. There is no way you'd get your security deposit back after this.

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9. Tragedy happened here.

Reddit | Chazztron

"During a renovation, a jackhammer shook the white wall and..."

Oh no. I am so sad for whoever put all their time and energy into building that Lego train. May it rest in peace.

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10. Measure twice, cut once. Or something.

Reddit | DarwinLizard

At the very least, make sure that your appliances are going to bang into each other when you open them. I would go insane if this happened to me.

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11. OOPS.

Reddit | BlahMehUgh

"My wife said measure the door, I told her all doors are the same size..."

I don't know who needs to hear this, but not all doors are the same size. Oh my goodness.

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12. I cannot express to you how little people measure things.

I don't even know what you'd do in this situation. Is this why people install those horrible fake drawers? Is this what their purpose actually is? My mind is blown.

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13. Sewing is hard.

First of all, I wouldn't even be able to make this fail. So let's get that out of the way.

Second of all, I think that cat maybe just isn't suited for sweaters. Where is all that fur supposed to go?

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14. Oh, this is just tragic.

Reddit | YouHaveGotRedOnYou

Note to self: remove everything from behind an object before painting that object. Unless you want some new, fun stripes on all your jackets and sweaters! I don't know what kind of fashion you're in to.

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