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11+ Cheap And Easy Hacks From The Dollar Store

I'm not ashamed to say I shop at the dollar store. Dollar stores have many items that can be repurposed and used towards making something really spectacular.

Often times you need a small item to create a masterpiece and chances are you can find that item at the dollar store. These folks did and check out what they came up with.

1. This Clever Gift Wrapping

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I'm never buying fancy and expensive gift wrapping again. This person got some plain brown shipping paper from the dollar store and curling ribbon from Goodwill. Doesn't this look so pretty and festive? I love it.

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2. This Halloween Wreath

I'm beginning to get so excited for Halloween this year. Seeing this cool skull wreath is making me want to DIY one of my own. It looks easy enough and looks so dark and spooky, right?

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3. This Shower Caddy Idea

Do your kids always get hungry when you're on the go? I hear you, those rascals, ha, ha! Use these dollar store shower caddies as trays for when you do your run through the drive-thru.

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4. These Bath Toy Bins

How do you keep your toddler occupied in the bath? Well, it's easy when you set up this cute bath toy bin station right over your bathtub. These bins and the tension rod came from the dollar store, of course.

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5. This Beautiful Display

Oh my, how gorgeous is all of this? This pretty scroll was made with $1 Kraft paper roll from Dollar Tree, twine or nautical rope, and paper clips. No cutting or anything required! Just roll, clip, and hang.

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6. These Festive Pumpkins

Buying decorative pumpkins for the season can run you up a pretty penny. Not when you get some plain ones from the dollar store and paint them to create cute patterns and colors like these. That's so nice!

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7. These Decorative Frames

If you're one of those people who loves to place various sayings around your house, listen up. Get some cheap dollar store frames and print up fancy sayings you found on Pinterest and voilà! How cute is this?

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8. This Mother's Day Gift

Speaking of dollar store frames, get a load of this amazing DIY Mother's Day gift. Isn't it beautiful? It was done with dollar store frames that look like wood, printed pictures, and some gorgeous faux blooms.

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9. This Nautical Table

I can't believe somebody really crafty made this stunning nautical table using items from the Dollar Tree. How is that even possible, ha, ha? I'll give you a hint: The table is actually made from two wastepaper baskets. This looks like it would cost at least $60 at some fancy decor place.

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10. This Halloween Skeleton

Oh my goodness, I can't believe somebody made this masterpiece out of just a plain dollar store skeleton. This is so awesome and festive I think I need to do it myself. Happy Dia de Los Muertos, everyone!

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11. This DIY Hanger

Now that we have to wear masks on a daily basis when we go out, an organizer like this might be needed. Somebody made this cute hanger to keep track of everyone's masks in the house. It's pretty and useful.

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12. These Makeup Brush Holders

Speaking of fancy decor, how about this for your bathroom? I gotta say I love the idea of making these pretty makeup brush holders with dollar store items. This is something you would find in a chic bathroom.

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13. This Organization Hack

Speaking of bins, here is a smart organization solution. Dollar store bins always come in handy. You can store your bathroom necessities in them or organize your cleaning supplies. They can also be used in your kitchen.

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14. This Money-Saving Tip


Always buy greeting cards at the dollar store. In many cases, you can get beautiful designs and thoughtful messages for just a dollar instead of spending upwards of $5 on a card somewhere else. They are a dollar store must-have!

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See? I told you that you don't need to spend a lot to make your house look beautiful or your life easier.


There are so many cool items from the dollar store that can be repurposed to create really awesome pieces. I absolutely love all these ideas.

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