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10+ Celebrity Photobombs Fans Are Still Laughing At

Sarah Kester 10 Sep 2020

Most of us began our photobombing ways at a young age. We'd see a photo being taken and throw in a "bunny ears" on some unsuspecting victim.

As we got older, our photobombing ways got more creative. We've even learned a thing or two over the years from celebs!

Take notes from these 10+ hilarious celebrity photobombs that fans are still laughing at.

1. Drake photobombs Kylie and Kris Jenner

Instagram | @kyliejenner

"Me, my mom, and a photobomb," Kylie captioned this hilarious picture on Instagram.

He looks so proud of himself! Although, it looks like someone may have drank a little too much-spiced egg nog!

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2. Tom Hanks photobombs drunk guy

Oh, boy. It's hard enough waking up with a hangover without going through photos and seeing that you met TOM HANKS!

We imagine this fella laid off the booze for a while after this.

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3. Arnold Schwarzenegger photobombs this vacationing family


Don't you hate when you're trying to take a cute family picture and then the Terminator comes in and photobombs things?

Ugh, SAME.

They may not have gotten their perfect family photo, but they'll always have Paris...

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4. Susan Sarandon photobombs the cast of Straight Outta Compton

Getty Images | Dimitrios Kambouris

With this iconic photo, the actress proved that there is no age limit on silliness!

We wish we could have been a fly on the wall when the cast realized what had just happened.

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5. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield photobomb a fan

Reddit | TreasureTrolls

This photo proves just why we love Emma Stone and just why we miss these two as a couple!

Instead of getting mad at a fan for taking their picture, they took this invasion of privacy in hilarious stride.

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6. Elton John photobombs this guy in a restaurant


If your phone or computer has a zoom function, you're going to want to zoom in to see Elton's face.

It's clearly pure giddiness, knowing that he caught the photographer while they were trying to get a picture of him. Whew, that was a mouthful.

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7. Rami Malek photobombs Portia Doubleday

Getty Images | Mike Windle

You're going to want to take a double take on Rami photobombing Ms. Doubleday.

Thankfully, this is way less awkward than when Rami got accidentally snubbed by Nicole Kidman on stage.

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8. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman photobomb Angelina Jolie


We're going to go ahead and say that these actors had a blast making Kung Fu Panda.

Just look at the kind of fun antics they pull on each other!

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9. Maisie Williams photobombs a fan


The Game of Thrones star never misses a photo op.

She could be going to go end a White Walker and save mankind and she'll still be back in time to do this. Never change, Maisie!

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10. Jared Leto photobombs Michael Keaton

Getty Images | Larry Busacca/VF15

He truly is the king of photobombs!

Michael is clearly congratulating the composer, Alexandre Desplat, on his Oscar win. But does Jared care? Nope! And we love him for that.

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11. Jared Leto photobombs an unsuspecting Anne Hathaway

Getty Images | David Livingston

Is that Anne Hathaway or just a wax version?

If you were to search through photos from the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, you'd see tons and tons of photos of Jared photobombing his fellow celebs.

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12. Lupita Nyong'o photobombs Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey

Getty Images | Christopher Polk

If there was anyone who could photobomb the master, it would be Lupita. She really committed to doing her part on behalf of all the other celebs.

That face! Such grace, such commitment.

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13. Oscar Isaac photobombs Adam Driver at the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

Getty Images | Ethan Miller

Oscar may be the only man alive to mess with Kylo Ren and still live!

In case you're wondering what happened next, Adam reached behind him and grabbed Oscar, rendering him unable to do more photobomb-punching.

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14. Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs musicians at the Oscars

Getty Images | Kevork Djansezian

This. Is. Everything.

The actor may be known for his dramatic roles, but this picture proves that he's not afraid to get silly — and at a black-tie event no less.

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15. Steven Tyler photobombs this woman

Imgur | avatarstateyipyipp

When you see someone taking a picture, you usually do your best to stay out of their way, right?

Well, not Steven Tyler! He got right in there. The woman didn't even realize it was him until she looked at them later!

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16. The Rock photobombs this fan

Reddit | Boshasaurus

This is THE photobomb to end all photobombs.

You can clearly see that The Rock is on his way somewhere and yet, here he is.

He's always proving that he's never too busy to engage with his fans in hilarious ways!

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17. George Clooney photobombs Cindy Crawford and her husband


It's not easy being a third wheel, but George makes it look fun.

We bet Cindy is waiting for her photobomb revenge whenever she's hanging out with George and his wife, Amal. Oh, how the turn tables...

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18. Nicolas Cage photobombs a fan

Twitter | @veragraziadei

You can tell this wasn't planned from the way he looks in the background!

His hand is blurry, and the way he is tilted makes it seem like he is ready to walk away as soon as the picture is over.

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19. Prince Harry photobombs participants of the Commonwealth Games

Facebook | Trevor Shailer

In my opinion, this is one of the best possible photobombs that can ever happen to someone.

It will definitely go down in history since there is a freaking royal in the background!

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20. Zach Braff photobombed a wedding photoshoot

Okay, this is seriously the dream.

I don't know anyone who wouldn't want a celebrity accidentally walking through their wedding photos. This photo certainly makes their wedding stand apart from others!

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21. Brad Pitt photobombs Margot Robbie

Getty Images | CHRIS DELMAS

Back when they were doing press for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, while Margot was about to snap a photo, Brad Pitt decided to interfere!

Hey, this is what makes memories, people!

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22. Patton Oswalt photobombs Chris Pine

Getty Images | David Livingston

This took place back in 2015 during the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

Pine looks incredibly handsome (and weirdly still) but Oswalt balances that feeling out by acting silly in the background!

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23. George Clooney photobombs Steven Spielberg, Jessica Seinfeld, and Jerry Seinfeld

Getty Images | Larry Busacca

They had all attended the USC Shoah Foundation Institute 2013 Ambassadors for Humanity gala back in 2013.

During a professional op, Clooney decided to show off his goofy side.

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24. Elaine Hendrix photobombs Kirsten Dunst

Getty Images | JB Lacroix

This was back at the premiere of Fargo season premiere at ArcLight Cinemas on October 7, 2015.

Red carpets can sometimes be a dull affair but, thankfully, Elaine was there to make it more exciting for them!

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25. Justin Timberlake photobombs Jessica Biel at the 89th Annual Academy Awards

Getty Images | Dan MacMedan

Back in 2017, the two showed up to the red carpet looking STUNNING.

While Biel was doing her standalone shots, Timberlake showed his moves from behind her.

We should be so lucky! Which celeb would you want to run into by accident? Let us know down below in the comments!

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