8+ Designer Thrift Store Finds That Only Cost A Few Bucks

Some people have a knack for finding affordable clothing that looks like a million bucks. I'd like to count myself amongst those folks. Somehow I've always been able to find discounted items that look like they should've cost a fortune.

But, that doesn't mean I'm not impressed by other people's finds. These folks were able to score some amazing items for a fraction of the cost.

1. This Gorgeous Gown

Reddit | RemiliaStars

Wow, I dunno if it's just the scenery that's making this dress look so stunning or it's the dress itself. This lady was able to get this $75 dress for only $4. That is such an amazing find.

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2. This Wedding Dress

Reddit | ashlhaytran

People tell me all the time that they found their wedding dress at a thrift store. Judging by this dress, I do believe them. This lady was able to find her perfect-fitting wedding dress for just $35.

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3. This Colorful Dress

Reddit | salemboop7

First of all, I can't get over the fact that this lady has a cat stroller, lol. And second of all, this dress is giving me all the right feels over here. I would totally wear this, too.

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4. This Bright Number

Reddit | badgeringhoney

How would you like to find a whole new wardrobe for just $35? This stylish lady found a vintage dress, thrifted scarf, purse, and shoes for such a bargain. She looks so amazing wearing all these pieces.

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5. This Fall Coat

Reddit | MetaAnon

Who says you can't find any items at a thrift store that look absolutely brand new? Nobody, that's who ha, ha! This pretty lady scored this gorgeous camel coat that's totally perfect for fall. I love this color.

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6. This Kate Spade Set

Reddit | jetsons21

Not only is this Kate Spade purse so colorful and gorgeous, but the sparkly wallet is absolutely adorable. This whole set is something that I would totally be attracted to. What a great thrifted gem.

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7. These Polka-Dot Pants

Reddit | BurningManBride143

Isn't it amazing when you find an outfit that fits you absolutely perfectly? That seems to be the case with this happy lady who found the most ideal pants for just $5. Don't they look fabulous?

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8. These Steve Madden Boots

Reddit | Lady_Constable

How would you feel if you found these Steve Madden boots that look virtually new for a bargain? I bet you would snag them up too, right? This lady did just that and she's absolutely thrilled about it.

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9. This Short Organza Wedding Dress

Reddit | Rose_Mortem

How about this for a great find? This beauty found the most unique, short, organza wedding dress for just $17. Wow, for a wedding dress that's a virtual steal. Those can cost up to thousands of dollars.

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10. This Nightgown

Reddit | fashion105

This lucky lady thrifted this 1960s honeymoon set only $10. It comes with the nightgown and a dressing robe. That is such a beautiful piece. Isn't it? I would give it a good wash and wear it happily.

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11. This Thrift Store Haul

Reddit | downtownjonibrown

"Found polarized Ray-Ban Aviators and a current $1800 Gucci purse for $35 today. Bought a lottery ticket on the way home," said the Reddit user who scored these finds. Heck, I would do that, too, if I were this lucky person, ha, ha!

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12. This Burberry Coat

Reddit | MetaAnon

Sometimes it pays off to visit some estate sales. You never know what kind of gems you can find there. This vintage Burberry trench coat was only $25. Holy crap! That's such a nice one, too.

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13. This Vintage Gucci Bag

Reddit | Kittykat85--

If you're a fan of designer bags, you might want to take a drive to your nearest thrift store. Can you believe this lady got this vintage Gucci bag for only $2? What? That's absolutely incredible.

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Oh my gosh, I can't get over the fact that these folks were able to find such amazing items for virtually mere dollars.


It really does pay off to shop at thrift and vintage stores. Don't you think? Okay, bye! I gotta run!

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