11+ Hideous Home Trends We Once Thought Were Cool

Brittany Rae 10 Sep 2020

Like it or not, home decor and interior design ages. That's just how trends work!

Fortunately, some trends do come back around — mid-century furniture is having a big moment right now. Unfortunately, many of the things on this list should probably stay in the past.

And hey, if you don't agree, just remember: This is just my opinion, man.

1. Mirrored furniture.

I know. I know, I'm so sorry. The home decor trend that basically stormed the 2000s is officially dead. It might come back! But, for now, mirrors should be on your walls, not your furniture.

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2. Wall-to-wall carpeting.

Reddit | AxlCobainVedder

Listen, some trends from the '70s and '80s can make comebacks. That's fine. But carpeted EVERYTHING? That can burn. Literally. Please burn it.

Why would you carpet a wall? And the floors? And a MANTLE?

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3. Live, Laugh, Love.

I am begging you not to have random words scattered through your home. I don't know why this became a trend, and I don't know why you need something that says "Eat" or "Home" in your house.

Instead, opt for something more personal, or more fun!

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4. Tiled counters.

Reddit | graywife

Listen to me: There is absolutely no reason that you should have grout on your counter. I guess this became a trend because smaller tiles are cheaper than big slabs, but we have tons of more affordable counter options these days. Crack those things up, ASAP.

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5. Tiffany lamps.

Unsplash | Ariel Kwon

Unless your house is super quirky and your Tiffany lamp is actually in a Tiffany blue, these lamps are going to age a room in seconds. Steer away.

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6. Speckled granite.

Unsplash | Gareth David

ESPECIALLY brown speckled granite. ESPECIALLY if it's paired with dark wood cabinets with silver knob and cup handles. Go for lighter woods and counters with less going on!

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7. This print.

This is techinically Damask, which originated in the Middle East during the Middle Ages. Damask can actually encompass a lot of different patterns, but we most closely associate it with this pattern.

We are done with this pattern. There are other patterns. Time to move on.

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8. Wood paneling (the wrong way).

Making your home look like the interior of a boat or an old RV is not the tea.

Some wood paneling can look good, especially if it has more of a bamboo vibe.

Shiplap is on thin ice.

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9. Themed rooms.

Listen, as fun as themed rooms are, they age horribly. And they're really hard to re-theme once you're done with them. Yes, this extends to the nautical theme. You don't need seashells on every wall.

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10. Window valances.


Curtains for your curtains? Okay, we don't need those anymore. And if you're going to still get some, please don't have them match the curtains. Maybe have them contrast! That would be striking.

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11. Mason jar anything.

Unsplash | Petrisor Ionel

Guys. I'm so sorry. But we gotta stop with the mason jars. I know they're easy to find, but so is actual decor.

If you're still using mason jars to actually drink out of, however, I salute you.

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12. Heavy pine furniture.

Those glossed, chunky pieces dominated home decor, but we have totally moved past the need for these. If you're sick of yours, drop it off at a thrift store for an aspiring thrift flipper to tackle!

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13. Slatted blinds.


I hate slatted blinds with the fire of a thousand suns. They're horribly designed, they barely work, and they're a staple of every rental I've ever had. Please destroy them.

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14. Popcorn ceilings.

I actually don't know why I hate these, I just do. They look weird! A finished ceiling is much cleaner looking, but that isn't always in the budget. I understand.

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15. Chevron.

Unsplash | Abbie Bernet

Okay, okay. We've done the chevron thing. It's time to move on. There are other shapes in the world to try! Go for something that's still geometric, like a hexagon.

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16. Plaid anything.

Unsplash | Mitchell Griest

ESPECIALLY Buffalo-check plaid, aka Canadian plaid. We simply do not need it in our lives, people. And if we do, it should be on a tasteful blanket that is only pulled out at Christmas.

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17. Arrow decor.


Where are you pointing? Why are you pointing that way? Why are you stuck in 2012? We have to move on from arrows. No more arrows on jewelry, no more decor, no more decorative, oversized arrows on walls.

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18. Lay-Z-Boys.

YouTube | Al's Furniture Inc.

I mean...come on. It's the one piece of furniture that will totally destroy the look of a room in seconds. There are equally comfortable chairs out there, you guys!

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19. Subway tile.


NO ONE ATTACK ME FOR THIS. I'm sorry that I'm right. Subway tiles are super overdone. (And I'll have you know I had this opinion like three years ago when they were still popular.)

Other tiles are equally as cheap! Go for those! Be unique!

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20. Shabby chic.


Shabby chic is very out. Whitewashed furniture is just not doin' it for me anymore. Boho chic, however... Now THAT'S fresh, current, and easy to achieve using shabby chic pieces.

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21. Animal decor.

Unsplash | Mark Engel

This does not include some animal prints, but it DOES include most. Like cheetah. Do we really need taxidermy? Random animal busts around the house? An elephant on a shelf for no reason? No, we do not!

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22. Pink bathrooms.

Listen, I like the color pink as much as the next person, but there was a time when this was THE color of choice for bathrooms. Pink tubs, pink sinks, pink walls — it was all just a little too much.

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23. These bedroom sets.

Why did we insist on matching everything? Part of me thinks that all of this was some sort of conspiracy caused by a company ordering too much of one kind of fabric. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me otherwise.

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