10+ Designers Who Didn't Think Things Through

Are you one of those people who admires gorgeous and appealing designs? I totally get you as I love them, too. So you must also get annoyed when you spot the exact opposite. Am I right?

I can't tell you how irritated I get when I see things that obviously fell through the cracks. Just take a look at these and have a laugh.

I think everyone would find washing their hands in this sink pretty hard to do — unless they had very tiny hands. In which case, go ahead, I'll just look for an alternative somewhere else.

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2. These Plates

Reddit | RCoder01

Oh my goodness, who made the decision to create plates that look perpetually dirty? I can't say this looks all that appealing to me. Maybe it's a ploy to never have to wash them. That would be pretty gross.

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3. This Security Gate

Reddit | pcjcusaa1636

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't a security gate protect your property from unauthorized entry? Huh? This one looks more like a ladder than anything remotely secure, to say the least. That's some crappy design right there.

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4. This Trash And Recycle Bin

Reddit | CyclonicSALT

Have you ever seen anything like this before? I sadly have. This so-called recycling bin has the same hole as the garbage bin. Therefore, garbage and recycling go in the same place and will end up in the landfill together. How irresponsible is this?

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5. This Wall Clock

Reddit | Dr_Jack_LP

I know somebody thought they were being very fancy when they created this clock. But, newsflash, genius, it's pretty hard to read it and it totally defeats its purpose. Am I right or what? Ugh, what a mess.

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6. This Bar Sign

Reddit | Jeffalooboo

How cool, this bar has not only cocktails but apparently dancing sandwiches, too. Ha, ha! I would pay to see this. How about you? Doesn't it sound like a fun night out or what? I'm totally in.

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7. This Cup Holder

Reddit | anne-linde

How did someone not realize that when you use this car cup holder it totally blocks you from using your radio? Didn't somebody actually test this product before they sent it to the market? I guess not.

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8. This Bottle

Reddit | jeremy9600

Is it just me or does putting white writing on a white, see-through bottle defeat the purpose completely? I dunno how anyone is supposed to read the info that's been written on it. This is pretty absurd.

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9. This Wall Outlet

Reddit | BronzeTrydin

Would it be too much to ask to have an outlet that's actually accessible on this bus? I guess so. It's either that or having one so high up it's impossible for you to reach. You can't win sometimes.

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10. This Carpet

Reddit | Nick_Coffin

It's pretty clear to me that somebody didn't think it through when they decided to use this particular carpet in this hotel. It looks like a body has been dragged through the hallway leaving bloody streaks. Yikes!

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11. These Urinals

Reddit | ishanishomo

Gee, thanks for installing some privacy screens at these urinals. Would it kill you to not make them see-through though? I dunno how much privacy anyone is going to have here. Good luck with that one, gents.

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Nothing like the smell of coffee and a good eye-stab in the morning ha, ha. Do you hear me on that one? Whoever thought the position of the ears on this mug was ok is clearly out to lunch.

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13. This Urinal Situation

Reddit | chili-of-house-snow

OMG, what is going on here? Aren't these urinals rather close together...? If all three are used at once, the people using them will be definitely cheek-to-cheek, lol. I don't think that's what anyone had in mind though.

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14. This Cream

Reddit | Elbobosan

What is wrong with this anti-itch cream tube? Well, nothing really but unfortunately the tube looks exactly like a toothpaste tube. I bet many people have mistaken it for that and then gotten the surprise of their life.

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15. This Boogie Board

Reddit | Sunset_Warrior

If this boogieboard doesn't give you nightmares too then you're a lot less annoyed than me. I think this would scare me if I saw it in a dark place somewhere. Who painted this monstrosity? I'd like to know!

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16. This Toilet

Reddit | Jonwyattearp

Okay, so I really want to put my bum on a toilet seat that looks like it's perpetually wet. Yeah, that's not happening, ever. This is probably one of the worst toilet seat cover ideas I've ever seen before.

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17. This Bottle

Reddit | aina8aina

I'm not a designer by any means but even I know that there's a better way to place the writing on this bottle. This way you can't really read it properly and it's pretty much a visual mess.

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The lady who owns this house has to stand right here to cook, right on the heat vent. Why anyone would think this was a good place to put it is absolutely baffling to me. Am I right?

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19. This Baby Changing Sign

Twitter | @Elchrich_Elch

Now here's a sign every mother wants to see on a baby changing station. It's like a reminder of how evil she thinks her kid is when they do this to her. That's so mean.

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20. This Sink And Toilet Combo

Reddit | batataqw89

Oh, yeah, brilliant idea to create a slip 'n' slide that's connected from the sink to this toilet. Especially when the space on the sink counter is so tiny, things are bound to slide down.

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21. This Backpack

Reddit | Kokjooo

I honestly don't think this guy is getting "peak performance" from this backpack — at least not when it comes to style. Somebody totally snoozed on this large print and the way it looks once it's placed on the product.

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OMG, didn't you get a good laugh looking at these terrible designs?


I bet they made your scratch your head in disbelief, ha, ha! I might not be a designer of any sort but I would have done a better job.

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