10+ Genius Home Features That Are Straight From The Future

Brittany Rae 15 Sep 2020

We are so 3000 and late. See, we're all living in the homes of now, but these people? They live in homes of the future.

Their dishwashers project numbers, their light switches control their music choices. These people have life figured out — and not all of them require a ton of money for you to attain. You're welcome!

1. It's the little things.

Reddit | 2040009

Seriously, having a built-in power bar is a serious game-changer. No more ducking under the desk, scrambling for cords, or trying to stretch a six-foot cord 10 feet.

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2. This kitchen floor contains a secret galaxy.

Reddit | 1ofZuulsMinions

It was achieved using glow-in-the-dark pigments in some floor epoxy. It charges up during the day and turns into a galaxy rave at night! You'd never stumble while trying to get to the kitchen in the middle of the night again.

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3. This amazing set of bunk beds.

Reddit | Christianhbk

There is no way past me wouldn't absolutely love this bunk bed set-up. It allows both kids to have some privacy without sacrificing space! Should they do dorms like this? I think yes.

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4. This bathroom mirror has a TV in it.

Well, I've found the mirror I want now. It has an invisible TV in it, which would be great for watching the morning news. Or, if you're me, watching Bob's Burgers.

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5. This dishwasher projects how much time is left in its cycle.

Reddit | mekc8

How handy would this be? It would save so many glasses-wearers the pain of having their lenses fogged up from opening the dishwasher too early.

Non-glasses wearers, what is life like without foggy lenses? It seems nice.

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6. This screen can be dropped anywhere.

It's a rollable, motorized screen that can be moved anywhere. Project Netflix into any room at any time and enjoy bingeing shark movies until you're afraid to go in the water.

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7. This kitchen has a secret fridge in it.

Reddit | melisage

I have absolutely no idea why you'd need a small cooler in the floor of your house, but I also kind of love it. It would be an awesome place to store perishables... or soda.

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8. This lightswitch is the switch of my dreams.

I've never seen a more aesthetic lightswitch in my life. Each button can be programmed to run a routine, including changing light temperature, raising or lowering blinds, and playing music.

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9. This mounted mirror isn't a mirror at all.

It's actually a specially designed mirror to hide a TV! Sort of like the bathroom mirror, but a bit less high-tech. This is great for people who don't like the look of TVs. I am not one of those people, tbh.

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10. Corner drawers are a must.


Not everyone is a fan of cupboards where you have to install lazy Susans to actually use them. These drawers smoothly pull out and have a false front that levers out too!

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11. Okay, who doesn't need stair drawers?

Reddit | HotRodLincoln

Think of the extra storage! The shoes you would no longer trip on! The winter gear you could stow away!

Just make sure the drawers are closed before kids go anywhere near these. I just know they'd try and climb the stairs with the drawers open.

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12. A fridge with a screen? Okay!

YouTube | Samsung

Do you need this? No. Is it kind of cool and do I kind of wish I had one? Maybe. It would be nice to have my fridge tell me the weather, you know?

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13. This toaster oven has a very important button.

Reddit | bernecady

There is nothing that has made me more jealous today than that button. I can't believe my stupid toaster just has a regular dial. I want a "A Bit More" button, too!

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14. This toilet has a kid's seat.

Reddit | LKPete

Seriously, this is adorable! And what a great idea for potty training kids.

Someone on Reddit insinuated that this is a seat for cats, which immediately made me want to scream. No, thank you.

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