11+ Spelling Mistakes That Are Too Funny To Ignore

I have to admit I'm not the best at spelling. I do make mistakes here and there, and that's why I'm thrilled there are word processors that often catch my gaffes.

But for those times when you need to remember how to spell something by heart, I feel your pain. These folks definitely need a spelling refresher because their mistakes are something else ha, ha!

1. Just A Bunch Of Stuff

Twitter | @TakeruImpulse

This sounds about right to me, lol. Is it just me or do you feel it should be spelled like this anyway? This one actually made me laugh. I hope it made your day, too.

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2. This Salad

Twitter | @_birdpaladin

Let's have a nice bunch of "spinch" today. This "spinch" looks pretty dang good to me. Would you like some "spinch" in your salad? This "spinch" tastes pretty crunchy. I dunno, but I might get used to this new spelling.

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3. This Very Important Rule

Reddit | user_81

If you're going to remember one important rule about working here, it's that there's absolutely no smorking. Okay? You got that? Now, let's get back to work already. No more smorking breaks for you today.

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4. This Delicious-Sounding Meal

Twitter | @camp_ave

OMG, "chicken nutguts" don't sound too delicious to me ha, ha! By the look of these perhaps this name is more appropriate for them than we think. Try them at your own risk. I dare you.

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5. This Familiar Coffee Joint

Facebook | Funny Troll & Memes

Hmm, how did somebody from Starbucks not catch this spelling mistake? Or is this establishment only pretending to be the famous coffee joint? Either way that's one funny way to spell this name. Made me take a second look.

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6. This Favorite Topping

Twitter | @_birdpaladin

I guess this person never really had too many rainbow sprinkles during their childhood. Otherwise, you would think they might've remembered how to spell it better. Aww, now I feel a little bad for them, too.

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7. This Doesn't Sound Like Fun

Reddit | JovanYT_

I know what this person meant but do they even know? Ha, ha! Getting "hipmatized" sounds a little too painful to me. But then again, who knows? I might actually be better than the real thing ha, ha!

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8. This Dynamic Duo

Twitter | @regularjinks

This person actually spelled ketchup wrong not just once but twice, hee, hee. That's quite the accomplishment. Don't you think? I'm not sure which version I like better. They both sound pretty hilarious to me indeed.

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9. The Grossest Sounding Thing Ever


Ugh, doesn't this sound like the grossest thing ever? I can't even get this out of my mind now. I'm never going to look at skim milk the same way again. Thanks a lot.

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10. A New Profession?

Reddit | gwaydms

No, I most certainly cannot recommend a good "determatogicst". What I can recommend is a good dermatologist, though. I know this one is a tongue twister but they way they spelled it makes it even harder to pronounce. Right?

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11. This Lovely Sign

Reddit | My_Unit_Is_A_Hog

Don't fall for this dumb mistake here. I, at least, I hope these drumsticks taste better than how they made them sound. If not, then there is no hope for this store, like, ever. Am I right?

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12. A Yummy Treat, I'm Sure

Twitter | @Boursin

I gotta say, this is one spelling mistake a lot of people make. So, I wouldn't be too hard on this person here. Regardless, it doesn't make this treat sound all too yummy, unfortunately.

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13. This Safety Measure


"Where there's smoke, there's fire", they say and if that's true you may need a fire extinguisher. No? Well, clearly this person may have some issues figuring out where that actually is, and I feel a little scared for them.

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It sounds to me like these folks need a refresher spelling class right about now.

Giphy | Victoria's Secret PINK

I would feel really bad for them if they had to go through life making mistakes like that. But then again they would probably make everyone laugh pretty hard ha, ha!

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