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16+ Clever Ideas That Show There's Some Method To The Madness

When we start running out of ideas, we can sometimes find ourselves landing on a desperate Hail Mary idea that seems like it could never work. Our friends roast us the whole time we're trying it and we can't help but agree on some level, which makes it all the more baffling when it actually works out.

Of course, the more experience we have in life, the more of these seemingly impossible fixes end up under our belts. I can definitely recall insisting that one of my dad's solutions to something would never work only for him to turn around with an impish grin when it inevitably did.

And I imagine these folks will have the same looks on their faces.

1. When there's not a lot of space in your restaurant, it's time to get creative.

Reddit | caspiy

And that's precisely what this café in Bangkok, Thailand did with their multi-level seating arrangement.

Some figured that it would suck to sit in the lower seats when somebody spills their drink but I'm guessing my goofy self would tumble from one of the top ones.

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2. Although he's not real, this Jason figure is no movie prop either.

Reddit | coolandschmidt

Apparently, if you go diving in Crystal Lake, Minnesota, there's a chance that you can encounter this life-size statue that stands 120 feet below.

I can only wonder how many people he's scared the crap out of by now.

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3. Since we have a lot of reasons to be hyper aware of what could be living on door handles now, at least one firm has incorporatyed that anxiety into the design.

Reddit | gothamvigilante

As we can see, this one is outfitted with a hand sanitizer so people can get to where they need to be without awkwardly trying to open it with their elbow like my mom tends to do.

She's also been doing that for years, which definitely makes me feel like she's ahead of the times now.

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4. While this isn't normally how this person removes a rusted bolt, it was in a place that was too cramped to fit their breaker bar.

Reddit | fingernail38

So instead, they attached this ratchet to their scissor jack and managed to crank it out the hard way.

However, based on the comments, it seems results may vary.

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5. As you can likely tell, this person just moved in.

Reddit | aaoeu

And since they apparently had to get something done before they had a chance to set up their desk, they improvised with a suitcase, some cardboard, and some crutches.

It's not often that someone both literally and figuratively uses something as a crutch at the same time.

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6. Although it's usually a good idea to be wary of someone's "one weird trick" to solve a problem, that's also the only way I can describe this.

Reddit | FraternityMan

This driver's dashboard kept rattling while they were on the highway and it turns out that all they had to do to stop it was wedge a couple of quarters in here.

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7. As nervous as this makes me, I feel like I've used less secure public bathrooms before.

Reddit | BlueDJester

Because let's be honest, when the doors are just slightly misaligned so the lock doesn't work, there's not a world of difference between them and this zip tie extravaganza.

At least this way, outsiders know what's going on.

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8. It may not look like much but this setup was legitimately lifesaving for one couple and their dog during the Australian bushfires.

Reddit | EFuego

Apparently, they stuffed the interior with dry wool blankets and made sure to avoid setting it up near anything flammable. They also soaked that gown we see on the top with orange juice and breathed through it.

They stayed like that for three hours before the danger finally passed.

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9. It's not working alone but this bread clip has a very important job.

Reddit | lippoper

Apparently, this along with others on the other side of this bumper are the only things holding it in place.

That probably won't work for long but it's amazing that it works at all.

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10. After decades of frustration, it seems that one parking garage in Dubai is finally addressing one of the most common shopping problems.

Reddit | Lexanzano

When you take a ticket from this dispenser, it actually tells you where you parked so you don't find yourself wandering around the lot lugging a bunch of heavy bags around.

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11. Although Halloween is more than a month away, this person has already made all the necessary adjustments for this year.

Reddit | kulpkj

While some might be inclined to just leave a bowl on their doorstep, this ensures that everybody gets their candy safely and prevents that one kid (or parent, frankly) from just swiping the whole supply.

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12. After this person spent the first night in their new home, they realized they hadn't unpacked the spoons yet.

Reddit | petepeterlong

So to enjoy the cereal they had already made, they decided to craft this makeshift one out of a Coke bottle.

Hopefully, this doesn't turn into a "you wanna know how I got these scars?" story.

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13. This person couldn't find much use for their old Macintosh Plus until they made some pretty big adjustments.

Reddit | Vurce_Jailbreak

Namely, they emptied out the whole thing and converted it into a five-gallon tank for their beta fish.

I'm guessing they left the floppy disk in just for character?

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14. This person found a pretty handy way to look professional for their internship interviews.

Reddit | soulsurvivor97

And the best part is that they've got a prime example of how resourceful they can be right in front of them.

That's always attractive in a candidate.

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15. I couldn't tell you how the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore manage to grow these plants upside down from the ceiling but they clearly figured out some way.

Reddit | lol62056

According to Atlas Obscura, these gardens also feature 18 "supertrees" that consist of artificial frames filled with greenery so they're obviously working on a different level than other greenhouses.

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16. There's a reason why this serrated knife has a bunch of mountain names written on it.

Reddit | Pixelmix

If you look closely, you'll see that the edges of the knife resemble the jagged peaks of these mountains.

And since these were described as "surrounding mountains," we can likely assume it was made in southern Switzerland.

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17. It's apparently quite unusual to have wifi antennae outdoors and this person's efforts to defrost it in the winter likely illustrate why.

Reddit | TouchyExocticFutons

Nonetheless, the fact that they did so using a blow dryer attached to an umbrella is pretty ingenious. It left them dangling outside their attic window, but at least it worked.

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18. The ball in this toilet tank was apparently catching on the cistern, which caused some annoying overflows.

Reddit | HairyStylist

However, that doesn't mean it was a problem that a simple ruler couldn't fix. I wouldn't have guessed that.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks but new tricks are exactly what you'll need if your toilet is old enough.

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19. Believe it or not, they did this on purpose.

Reddit | diamondays

And if you're wondering why a bicycle company would put a product they don't make on their boxes, it's because they're hoping delivery drivers will think there's a TV inside and handle their products will care.

It's an interesting strategy.

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20. It may be a little tough to tell what's happening here but it's very easy to see how dedicated this teacher is.

Reddit | Banana_Pankcakes

By reflecting the image of this paper with the bottom of the CD and keeping it balanced towards the camera with the coin, they were able to improvise an entire projection system for their students.

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