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11+ Easy Organization Hacks To Get Your Home In Order

Brittany Rae 14 Sep 2020

One of the worst parts about being an adult is dealing with home organization. It's amazing how all your belongings can stir up so many questions: How do I store this? Will this fit in here? Where did I put that thing?!

Luckily, these helpful hacks will show you that home organization doesn't have to be a struggle. All your questions will be answered and your home will be organized in no time!

1. Bakers, take note!

Reddit | DbzRoshi

The unit on the wall is actually a rack used to hold spools of thread! This is a genius way to keep piping tips organized, clean, and in easy reach.

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2. Drawer organizers are a must for small objects.

Reddit | OutlandishMama

Especially if you have a lot of tea, or things in small packets. Keeping them corralled in an organizer will end up saving you a lot of space and headaches in the future, trust me.

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3. Get cables organized into one special box.

Reddit | VIPDX

You can pick up a cable organization box on Amazon and never worry about seeing them out in the open again.

Okay, now that the cable talk is done, can we talk about that tiny cat ear? I want to pet that cat.

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4. Store seed packets in a small photo album.

Reddit | lamoureuse

Real talk: I haven't seen a real, physical photo album in years. We just don't use them anymore! Luckily, there's a secondary use for them: keeping seed packets organized!

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5. Remove labels with what you have at home.

Reddit | WishIWasThatClever

Some people (like me) have a hard time seeing what they have when there are so many labels to look at. You can remove labels with ease using acetone! (Or rubbing alcohol, or Goo Gone.)

Whether you do it for aesthetic reasons, or to upcycle your jars, this hack is handy AF.

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6. Rotating organizers can help keep your bathroom supplies in easy reach.


These organizers are the perfect solution for everything you use in your bathroom! It's also a great solution for makeup and hair supply storage. Also, let's take note of those drawers — another great hack.

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7. Don't sleep on the importance of garage organization.

Reddit | peterreis

Some metal shelves in your garage can make the difference between running over random objects with your car, and having an Instagram-worthy garage space. Plus, there's even room for a home gym!

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8. Store water bottles with a wine rack.

Reddit | blindingsilence

I mean, how smart is this? As we collect more and more water bottles and tumblers to replace disposable, single-use plastic, we're going to need places to store them. I'm all for this one.

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9. Sometimes, it's this simple.

Reddit | Dignan17

"Practicing an organization method I call 'many small boxes'," Redditor Dignan17 wrote.

Honestly, I also practice this method. It's very helpful...if you label those boxes.

Hey, speaking of labels:

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10. As silly as it sounds, you need a label maker.


Trust me, it changed my life. Having a dedicated place for everything is great, but it's not much help if you can't remember where everything is. That label maker will help. And they're cheap on Amazon!

Alternatively, if you've always wanted to get a Cricut, this is the PERFECT excuse.

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11. This hack is so good that I may cry.

Reddit | cellojane

I use a lot of silicone mats when making art, and I can attest to how annoying they are to store. Redditor cellojane purchased some shower rings and clipped them around the mats!

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12. Use soda dispenser racks to keep track of canned goods.

Reddit | GeorgiaGrind

Okay, I'm jotting this one down. Keep cans organized and accessible with soda racks! You can slide them out easily to grab whatever can you want, which is way less annoying than moving every can out of the way in search of one.

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13. Put Command hooks to work for you.

Reddit | WarningGipsyDanger

"Keep your bulky cleaning items off the floor and out of a closet using command hooks - these are easily accessed via my small laundry room, but are out of the way!"

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14. Magnetic anything is just a good idea.

Reddit | eliza_doonothing

Just use your discretion, okay? I do not want to be responsible for magnetic glass cup storage, or something. Spices, though, now that I can get behind. It'll free up so much cabinet space!

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15. This is the nicest makeshift closet I've ever seen.

Reddit | kittykating

This is actually so gorgeous that it could be in a bedroom and I'd still think it looks chic. Organization can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you know?

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16. Pegboards really come in handy.

Reddit | Lady_Larkin

They're especially helpful for organizing art and craft supplies, office instruments, and tools! Attachable cups and hooks will hold everything you need! And trust me, us arts and crafts people always need more storage.

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17. Mask organization is definitely a 2020 problem.

Reddit | GenuineDogKnife

It's hard to keep track of those things! I would definitely suggest hooks, and then a small hamper to throw the used ones in for their next wash. These hooks are 3D printed, but I just used gold Command hooks!

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18. Organization can totally be DIY-ed.

Reddit | orange22orange

"Undergarment organizer that I made out of cardboard covered with old fabric for my new house, can't wait to be all organized :)"

It truly doesn't take much to get organized!

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19. Minimalism meets nostalgia.

Reddit | ashleblake

For those of us who hate clutter, it's hard to know how to display large amounts of — well, anything. This is a great solution! Dedicate little secret areas in your home to treasured memories!

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20. Pots and pans organization can be hard.

Reddit | bilj122

Luckily, there are lots of products out there to help you. The most useful are definitely slatted pan holders that you can also use for pot lids!

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21. Maximize the space under your bed.

Reddit | rotatingchicken

You don't need built-in bed storage to make use of the space under it! Some standard storage containers and some artful arranging can really give you the storage you desperately need.

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22. This entertainment center addition is so satisfying.

Reddit | uustin19833

Screwing in some wooden handles to the back seriously solved so many problems. Gone are the tangled cords and frustration, and in their place is the most satisfying cable arrangement I've ever seen.

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