Quotes For When You Live Life Like A Never-Ending Happy Hour

Amy Pilkington 12 Sep 2020

I don’t know about you, but pre-2020 I was easily able to check the “social drinker only” box whenever my doctor asked about my alcohol consumption. I drank only occasionally and usually only when out with friends.

In 2020, though? Many evenings involve at least sipping a glass of wine to help calm the nerves after another day of doomscrolling, in hopes of making sleep a realistic goal for the night.

It’s not to the point where I worry about it becoming a problem, but 2020 isn't over yet.

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And if 2021 looks at 2020 and is all, “Hold my beer,” we all might offer to take it.

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Sometimes I'm sad that I'm such a lightweight.

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Seriously, when it comes to alcohol, Shot #1 makes me relaxed, and Shot #2 makes me physically ill.

There is no middle tipsy stage.

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It makes parties a little less fun, since I am always the person left supervising after the second round.

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Then again, it also saves me a ton of money, since I'm not constantly ordering more drinks and my liquor cabinet at home doesn't need restocking very often.

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So I guess it breaks even in the end.

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And right now, nursing that one drink in the evening is helping me get through hard times.

It's a comfort and as long as we're all looking out for each other in case things go too far, giving into those little indulgences can be the self-care we need right now.

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