Quotes For When Being An Independent Woman Kind Of Sucks

Amy Pilkington 13 Sep 2020

I'm 100% in support of gender equality, but you know what? Sometimes it's hard to be a strong, independent woman and it's only made harder when I'm stuck trying to decide if I'm asking a guy for help because they are actually the right person for the task or if it's just because they're a dude.

I've always bristled at gender expectations from both sides of the spectrum.

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For example, when a coworker says, "Can you get one of the guys to move those heavy boxes?"

It's both annoying because it assumes I wouldn't be willing or able, while also expecting that men be on call for the back-breaking work even if it isn't in their job description.

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So when I'm over here being stubborn and refusing to ask my father for help with a home renovation project, I second-guess myself.


I grew up helping him with these sorts of projects and I know how to google the instructions I need.

But also, the ancient carpet on my basement stairs is yucky and I just kind of want to sweet talk someone else into tearing it out for me. Plus, there are like a million spiders. Ew.

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I suppose that if we're ever going to "bring down the patriarchy" and actually have some equality, I need to get over the habit of second-guessing.

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Sometimes, a guy is simply the biggest and the strongest in the room, which makes him the person who can move those boxes quickly and safely.

But sometimes, Kimberly from Accounting is five-foot-two inches of solid muscle who deadlifts in her spare time.

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Maybe the thing we all need to do is be honest about our capabilities and stop making assumptions about everyone else's.

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And be willing to ask for help when we need it without resorting to stereotypes when choosing who to ask.

Maybe if you say, "Is there someone able to help move these boxes when they have a spare moment?" Kimberly will raise her hand.

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