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16+ Wild Pics That Caught Some Staggering Coincidences

For about as long as we've been alive, we've been trying to figure out exactly how the world works. Does everything happen for a reason or is anything that can't be traced to someone's actions just randomly occurring?

We may each have our own ideas as to which seems more likely but we may never truly know the answer to this question. And it gets even harder to answer when we're faced with some of the world's weirder coincidences.

But whether the people on this list were just incredibly lucky or fulfilling their destinies, their situations definitely left us with more questions than answers.

1. Although it would take some well-timed photography to capture this phone just as it was falling out of this person's pocket, that's not what's going on here.

Reddit | agroyle

Instead, we're witnessing the phone barely hang on by a thread after it slipped out of one of the many holes in these jeans.

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2. At first glance, it's hard to tell what's even happening to this fly.

Reddit | srlope

However, even seeing it can make it a little hard to believe that it managed to impale itself on a plant.

Nonetheless, it seems that's exactly what happened here because even a shrike would have a hard time doing that job in this case.

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3. For this picture, the uploader happened to get an unexpected taste of what it looks like during an eclipse.

Reddit | DJKinggo13

While actual solar eclipses occur as a result of the moon coming between us and the sun, this photographer's mini-eclipse can obviously be traced to a hot air balloon blocking the sun out for them.

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4. It's not often that a tree falls above your vehicle and you actually feel lucky but I can't imagine this person feeling any other way.

Reddit | ldc2626

As we can see here, intense winds happened to snap the tree in just the right place to narrowly avoid any contact with this truck.

"I'm not touching you."

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5. Although we appear to have a real-life rainbow road here, it won't be there for long.

Reddit | kenziemonsterrawr

That's because we're looking at the result of the sun hitting a freshly-paved road at just the right angle to create this dazzling display when shot through polarized lenses.

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6. If one of these girls hadn't noticed some similarity between them, neither would have ever learned how their stories intertwined since the beginning.

Reddit | Anon3Maus

As NBC News reported, a friend of Anaïs Bordier saw Los Angeles-based actor Samantha Futerman in a YouTube video and noticed they looked remarkably similar.

After Bordier contacted Futerman in 2013, both learned that they were identical twin sisters who were separated at birth and adopted by parents in completely different countries.

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7. They say it's good luck when it starts raining on your wedding day so I hope a volcanic eruption has the same effect on a couple's fortunes.

Reddit | xNKx-HELLAS

Because that's exactly what this wedding party faced when Taal Volcano in the Philippines picked this moment of all moments to blow its top.

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8. As the Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn once said, "There's always a bigger fish."

Reddit | _ThePaperball

But it turns out his philosophy isn't just limited to fish as even that bigger fish was clearly surprised when this crocodile found itself a two-for-one meal deal.

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9. A car getting its windshield smashed by a cricket ball is simply unfortunate. But in this case, it's a wild and weird coincidence.

Reddit | Jonoo97, Twitter

That's because — as this tweet explains — the car happened to belong to the very man who knocked the ball out of the park.

Incidentally, I didn't know this was a hazard that baseball and cricket had in common.

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10. While this may not be a big coincidence in terms of scale, it's still an incredibly unlikely one.

Reddit | [deleted]

When one of this passenger's earbuds dangled from its partner, it happened to form the shape of a treble clef.

If this person is watching a music video and not a nature documentary or something, then that's a particularly wild coincidence.

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11. Apparently, this is a pretty common problem in Australia.

Reddit | Rusted-Jim

We know that magpies are attracted to the shinier things in life and many cyclists have found that this includes their bike helmets.

Even so, it's still quite an accomplishment to capture a photo before this man has even realized the magpie nipped at his ear.

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12. This photo goes a long way to explain how Lt. Edwin Wright earned the nickname "Lucky."

Reddit | Darkwinde2

As the American Air Museum explained, the flak happened to hit his propeller in precisely the right spot to avoid bringing his plane down.

As they put it, "If the shell had deviated an inch and a half either side, his blade would have severed and he would have been brought down."

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13. This is about as eerie as a locker combination gets but random selections can sometimes land on important numbers.

Reddit | smoove

And that reality has left this person with a combination that clearly indicates the exact date of 9/11.

At least they're not likely to forget it.

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14. It's not so crazy for a leaf to blow onto a camera lens but this one had some outrageous timing.

Reddit | BringBowlCutBack

This couple was all ready to take a timed photo while they were out on a hike and the leaf showed up at just the right time to wreck it.

I'm not sure it's possible to time a photobomb this well on purpose.

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15. Someone making this mistake isn't a coincidence but we can definitely start paying attention when five different people make the exact same mistake.

Reddit | Zairy47

Considering how often this apparently happens, I suppose it shouldn't be so surprising that a "missent to Austria" stamp exists.

Although even the postal employees seem pretty embarrassed that it happened to the same package five times in a row.

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16. Here we can see that two different drivers have the same uncanny bad luck.

Reddit | DominikOfficial

If you're wondering what exactly happened here, that SUV fell out of the second story of this parking garage only to land on the one car that happened to be parked outside.


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17. One Fourth of July celebration got particularly exciting for those who decided to visit Mount Rushmore.

Reddit | Koopa-troopa1

As we can see, a clear day was suddenly interrupted by bolts of lightning. And the fact that we can see that means this photographer got extremely lucky.

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18. It shouldn't be difficult to see why this person was a little disappointed by their recent corn harvest.

Reddit | cultureShocked5

Somewhere along the lines, this ear got so little pollination that it was only able to grow a single kernel.

That doesn't exactly make for a satisfying side dish.

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19. As this person put it, "This fork I got with my meal reminded my of my crooked pinky [sic]."

Reddit | burgers_butt

Seriously, what are the odds that this fork would turn out to be warped in the exact way to mirror this person's subtle condition?

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20. Spotting an albino deer is already rare enough so I couldn't even tell you the astronomical odds of spotting three of them at once.

Reddit | thenewyorkgod

However, it's worth noting that it's apparently unclear as to whether these deer are actually albino as opposed to leucistic or belonging to some obscure breed of white deer.

After all, it's not like deer usually wait around long enough to examine their eyes.

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