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Fans Think Prince William And Kate Shaded Meghan Markle With Birthday Tribute To Harry

Taylor Sakellis 15 Sep 2020

Now guys, I get it. We're six months into a pandemic and we are WAITING for some juicy Royal family gossip.

I get it. I am that person most of the time. However, some fans are really out here thinking Prince William and Kate Middleton were shading Meghan Markle with their birthday post to Prince Harry.

Let's take a look, shall we?!

The Royal family's Instagram account is does not miss a beat, honey!

Giphy | Lord's Cricket Ground

They don't sleep on a birthday, anniversary or major holiday!

Is that because they probably have an ENTIRE social media team dedication to curating perfect content? PERHAPS!

Regardless, I'm impressed.

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Fans are always looking for drama and subtle shade in those birthday posts though, especially when it comes to Meghan and Harry.

Instagram | @kensingtonroyal

So when The Kensington Royal Instagram account (Wills and Kate) posted a birthday tribute for Harry people immediately noticed someone was missing...

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The picture showed a throwback photo of Wills, Kate and Harry at a charity race. Noticeably absent from the pic was Harry's wife, Meghan. "Wishing a very happy birthday to Prince Harry today!" the caption read.

Naturally, fans were QUICK to point this out.

"The shade of them using this pic rather than one including his wife," commented user @kat2228.

"Interesting photo selection! No Meghan.." remarked @lfernandezp5.

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Fan @jo_says_ reflected on the days before Meghan: "Aaaah those were good days...watching these three..."

Giphy | euronews

User @jenrman thought it was a jab, and commented: "There must have been hundreds of photos you could have picked, but you chose to post one of Harry, William and Kate. I’m sure not including Meghan wasn’t unintentional. Not very classy..."

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However, not everyone was buying into the drama, and felt it was just a fun picture with no shadiness intended!

Instagram | @kensingtonroyal

Do you think it was an intentional move to leave Meghan out of the birthday post, or are people just being dramatic?!

Let us know in the comments below!

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