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16+ Pics That Seemed To Pop Up Out Of Nowhere

We never really know what we're going to see on any given day. Even if we walk the same streets every day, anything can happen on them.

But whether we're talking about someone making a scene or something that was left in the middle of the street, these sudden surprises tend to stick out in our minds enough that we'll actually have something to report when people ask us about our day.

And even if you're in a position to stay home, you can still find yourself seeing something that you never would've expected to find. After all, pictures like the ones you're about to see give you an idea of what everybody else came across today.

1. If it weren't for this woman lying in the middle of it, this likely would have seemed like a perfectly normal Persian rug.

Reddit | knownothingwiseguy

However, her presence immediately makes it clear that not only is this rug absolutely massive but so are most of the other ones around it.

This photo left some commenters wondering how much a rug like this must cost but I'm more curious to know where people found enough space to lay all of these out.

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2. If all ghosts did was pick apples for us, you wouldn't be likely to find so many people who are afraid of them.

Reddit | HeyHoooLetsGo

But sadly, this isn't Casper's new way of ingratiating himself to us. Instead, one worker's gloves were simply stiff enough to maintain their hold on the bucket after they walked away.

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3. Depending on where you live, this is either a pretty familiar vegetable or what looks like an artifact from an alien world.

Reddit | Infinitemasters

As the Food Network explains, this is called Romanesco and although it looks like broccoli, it's apparently more closely related to cauliflower.

It's been eaten in Italy since the 1600s but wasn't really found stateside until the late '90s.

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4. People have made a lot of things on a Texas Ti-82 calculator but I wouldn't have expected one of them to pull this off.

Reddit | F4697

And sure, it's definitely lacking any of Mr. Astley's facial features. But it's still pretty amazing that they managed to make him even remotely recognizable considering this is basically a mathematical Etch-a-Sketch.

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5. You never know what you'll find when you rip up the floors in an old house but it's likely to be more of a curiosity than buried treasure.


For instance, the unfortunate truth is that this coupon has been completely worthless since 1981. Oddly enough, it also didn't even tell you how many French fries you could get by using it.

Was it all of the fries shown here?

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6. It's not often that we see two different weather conditions in the same photo but the reflection in this skyscraper made it possible.

Reddit | Perkele1974

As we can see, the area ahead of the photographer seems like it's about to catch some heavy rainfall but the area immediately behind them seems much more pleasant.

It's not terribly unusual to observe this phenomenon when we're outside but it's not usually possible to capture it in one picture.

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7. It's unknown what exactly happened to this car but the driver apparently isn't letting it stop them.

Reddit | themomentcapturer

I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before this person gets pulled over but that might depend on where this took place.

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8. I'm not sure I've ever seen a plane's nose open up like this in person but if I did, it definitely didn't look like this.

Reddit | JG_melon

Of course, we're just seeing a far away helicopter passing in front of this plane but that doesn't make this look any less like a plane belching out a tiny chopper.

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9. By a similar token, this picture isn't a sign that cyclists have to worry about their bikes spontaneously combusting.

Reddit | xSanjay

According to the uploader, we're actually looking at the results of one man's bizarre rampage and this was presumably the biggest part of it.

Apparently, a police officer put this fire out soon after the photo was taken.

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10. Despite how it looks, we're not just watching a man listening to music.

Reddit | Purple_mushroom_fish

Whoever set this photo up definitely wanted to create that impression with what looks like a collar and — of course — the headphones.

However, it turns out that the headphones are way smaller than they seem and we're actually looking at somebody's thumb. Weird...

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11. By the same token, we're not witnessing the rampage of a giant baboon.

Reddit | Skweebinstein

Indeed, rather than slamming its fist down on this car, the primate is actually clinging onto the windshield of a much closer one.

It's a pretty trippy visual.

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12. Somebody was obviously feeling happy one day because they went to some extreme lengths to show it.

Reddit | TheWayThingsWork

I can only imagine how long it took them to carve this happy face into the brick wall and that's not even taking into account that they included the nose.

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13. When this person moved to Florida, they ended up encountering something they weren't prepared for.

Reddit | Notchmath

Although we've long been primed to expect alligators and palm trees when we go there, it's also not unusual to find the complex and eye-catching banyan tree in the region.

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14. Although it's not exactly a common occurence, it is possible to see red lightning in the sky.

Reddit | Koiboi123456789

As NASA explained, this "jellyfish" lightning is known as a sprite and it's apparently a little colder than other kinds of lightning when it makes one of its rare appearances in a thunderstorm.

Although they've been observed for over 30 years, it remains unknown what exactly causes sprites.

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15. According to the uplaoder, their grandparents' fan happened to be running when this house experienced a fire.

Reddit | Chelcsaurus-rex

As we can see from the lack of charring, the fire didn't take place in the area we see here.

Nonetheless, the heat it generated was enough to melt this fan's blades and the fact that they were spinning when this started happening apparently resulted in this bizarre entanglement.

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16. Although we'll see a lot of things that look like other things in our lives, they don't usually bear such a striking resemblance.

Reddit | fyflate89

Usually, a big rock like this will only look like a shark because an artist painted or chiselled it that way. However, it seems this happened completely naturally.

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17. When the uploader spray-painted a table, they ended up with more collateral damage than they expected.

Reddit | Thespar665

It's almost hard to recognize it but this was a fly that happened to land on the table at precisely the wrong time.

And now, it's stuck there until someone pries it off.

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18. There's nothing out of the ordinary about the scene depicted here but that doesn't stop this photo from seeming a little "off."

Reddit | Aggie179

That has to do with the lighting and possibly the camera quality of the old phone it was taken with, but it ends up making this scene look like a video game simulation rather than real life.

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19. Despite how it looks, this trolley hasn't found a way to achieve warp speed.

Reddit | aguadovimeiro

Instead, the photographer just took this picture using a very slow shutter speed, which apparently makes it look like the world is going by much faster than it is.

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20. As the uploader put it, we're looking at a "guy building a helicopter in his driveway."

Reddit | ItsJoe5

There's a good chance that he's using a helicopter construction kit that Air and Space magazine reported allows people to make experimental aircraft themselves.

Although there's theoretically nothing stopping you from getting one yourself, the reason you likely haven't seen many of these is that they're known to set people back at least tens of thousands of dollars.

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