10+ People Who Saw A Creative Opportunity And Ran With It

I dunno about you but I'm pretty attracted to creative people. Maybe it's because I'm creative myself. But when I see folks come up with genius designs my heart goes aflutter — ha, ha!

There's something about creativity that's really special. That's why I was totally thrilled when I stumbled upon these amazing ideas. And now you've got an opportunity to check them out, too.

1. This Ruler/Pencil Duo

Reddit | wimethdiss

I gotta admit that I've never seen a ruler and pen like this before. I absolutely love the simplicity and clean design of this idea. It's such a handy way to carry both of these with you when you need them.

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2. This Puzzle Box

Reddit | ToddlerOlympian

It would be cool to have the box of the puzzle that you're trying to put together stand up, no? Well, somebody already thought of that idea when they designed this puzzle box that comes with a stand.

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3. This Skate Park Bench

Reddit | leakyweenie

How awesome is it that somebody wanted this bench at a skate park to stand out? They made it out of these cement blocks that resemble real skateboard wheels, ha, ha! Isn't that so neat and creative? I love this idea.

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4. These Milk Cartons

Reddit | peguipa

Why not create a funky design on your milk cartons so when they line up they do something like this? That's such an interesting way to bring more attention to your products. I would notice it while shopping for sure.

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5. This Toilet Paper

Reddit | rad-aghast

Wouldn't you rather people think you were carrying a boombox than just rolls of toilet paper? Well, now that's an option, lol! I think this looks a lot better, if I do say so myself. Sign me up for this idea.

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6. This Vertical Garden

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

Why have just a regular downspout when you can make a garden out of it? This project was created in Seattle where it rains a lot. Therefore it totally makes sense as there needs to be lots of water for these plants to grow.

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7. This Lightbulb Packaging

Reddit | refreshilize27

I'm such a big fan of packaging that enhances the product experience. Case in point with these lightbulb packages that resemble a bunch of insects. I don't even like insects in general but this still appeals to me.

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8. This Mural

Reddit | Sy3Zy3Gy3

Some people really don't like street graffiti or murals for that matter. But I'm not one of these people. In fact, I'm just the opposite, especially when they're this creative. I love how the existing wire was incorporated into this idea.

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Apparently, this lock has been designed with the elderly in mind or drunk people. I dunno about that, but I do know that I have a hard time opening our locks so this would come in handy. Ha, ha!

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10. These Envelopes

Reddit | azgrunt

A window cleaning company came up with these cleverly designed envelopes. I gotta give them mad props for that. I can't say I've ever seen a cool envelope idea such as this one. It's so creative.

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11. These Blinds

Reddit | mcvx

What better way to catch some much-needed Zzzs than with these gorgeous blinds around? Forget about just getting plain blackout curtains. These will do the same job but also give you something pretty to look at while you doze off.

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12. This Captain's Hook

Reddit | punchdrunk22

Whoever came up with this clever idea must have a great sense of humor. Am I right? Otherwise, they would've just stuck to the regular way of attaching this hook to the wall. This way is much better.

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13. This Bike Rack

Reddit | Caskla

I'm find it really fascinating that there are lots of interesting designs for bike racks. Take this one, for instance. I love how it, looks just like a giant bike lock. Isn't that so cool?

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Ah, creativity fuels the mind. Doesn't it?


These brilliant minds definitely came up with awesome designs that will surely be appreciated by many people. I'm always happy to see folks use their brains in the right way to create something cool.

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