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15+ Pics That Caught Things Looking Like Something Else Entirely

Ryan Ford 28 Sep 2020

Remember those "magic eye" posters, where you had to kind of unfocus your eyes to see the image embedded in what otherwise looked like visual gobbledegook? You know, the kind that completely derailed Elaine's boss, Mr. Pitt, in that episode of Seinfeld?

Well, a lot of these pics are a bit like that, in that you might have to look deeply at them. But if you do, you'll be rewarded with a thing that looks like a different thing.

1. A winter wonderland.

Reddit | SigmaNukem

Feels like quite the view from a plane's window, doesn't it? But of course, it's really just a frozen puddle at ground level. The rock bottom right breaks the illusion, but only a bit.

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2. Don't get those confused.

Reddit | HellSpawn61671

Some questionable packaging design decisions are on display here as a container of alcohol looks remarkably like it's for cleaning products, while cleaning products are in a container you more commonly find alcohol in.

Careful there!

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3. Clever.

Reddit | mosoriaa

Nice way to camouflage your cutting boards: by turning the ends into book titles. It sure turns them into some more interesting decor for the kitchen counter when they're stowed away.

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4. Just looking for one particular ring.

Reddit | coffeeandpuppers

You have to admit, this tomato is a dead ringer for the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings.

Like, the film's art team could have based their design on this tomato, had this particular fruit existed at the time.

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5. Well, at least it's appropriate.

Reddit | EricDangerRose

As someone defrosting an ice pack noticed, as it warmed up and the layer of frost melted, the image of a polar bear emerged.

Now, I wonder if this is going to give some Coca-Cola marketing exec an idea.

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6. Spooky!

Reddit | Bcnlvr1125

That's good enough for a very tiny witch to zoom away into the night on. Of course, it's really just a dried out weed but it still does one heck of a good broomstick impression.

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7. "Work in food production, found a baby carrot we all thought was a human finger at first."

Reddit | AlwaysAlpharius

If only there was a way to preserve that for that Halloween game with the peeled grapes and cold spaghetti.

I guess you could just carve a baby carrot to make it resemble a finger tip, if you've got those kitchen skills.

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8. Don't try to hit play.

Reddit | hey_watti

Such a tease, amirite? But the thing looking so much like a play button in the middle of this pic is just a triangular rooftop glinting in the sun.

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9. I wonder if this was done on purpose?

Reddit | njbolinger

I could definitely see some mattress designer at least taking an unconscious cue from an ice cream sandwich while coming up with a design and putting it into practice.

And hey, it combines two of the finest things in life: comfort, and comfort food.

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10. The definition of disappointment.

Reddit | Musopia123

There's a reason you won't see a slice like this at the Cheesecake Factory: because it's not cheesecake. It isn't pie, either. It's a rock. What a letdown.

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11. That's no moon.

Reddit | RedDressRuby

It is about the right size, shape, and color to be a day moon but it's not. Instead, it's just a water drop that was captured in just the right spot to trick us.

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12. Building blocks.

Reddit | AppropriateForm

If you check out the shadow spread across this library's floor, you'd think an entire skyline was being lit up.

But it's just the tops of the books on the shelf creating that shadow, not the city outside.

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13. Sid?

Reddit | Surturrr

Okay, obviously it's just a potato. But come on, have you ever seen a potato that looks more like Sid from the Ice Age movies? No way.

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14. Proceed with caution.

Reddit | SmirkyTrick

There may be no more divisive candy given out on Halloween than candy corn so maybe they should all look like traffic cones, like this one, just to get our attention. I'm used to steering clear of both!

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15. Who's that girl?

Reddit | SleepingLesson

Yeah, I would do a double-take and a half if I saw the girl with the pearl earring just hanging around in my backyard, too.

No need to worry about classical works of art out peering into windows though; it's a reflection from the TV.

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16. That'll make you grimace.

Reddit | SaGlamBear

Sure, this is pretty clearly something left behind by a car tire. But at the same time, it looks enough like a double cheeseburger that I'm getting kind of hungry. Maybe that's the diet talking.

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17. Save some of that.

Reddit | Cheesecake31

It looks like a big bucket of raw bacon, perfect to go with that illusory cheeseburger above. However, it's just a collection of cedar shavings. Ah well.

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18. Magically delicious.

Reddit | TykoTaco

"My morning coffee had a flying unicorn in it," the uploader of this pic thought. Definitely have to agree with that assessment, too.

It looks like it's trailing a cloud of pixie dust as well. Couldn't be much more magical than that.

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19. Knot a frog.

Reddit | ____Io_oI____

I mean, nobody's going to try to turn that into a prince with a kiss — I'm reasonably sure — but as wood knots go, that's an impressive frog.

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20. Like it's looking back at you.

Reddit | ineedmoresleepz

I mean, this is almost as unsettling as that carrot finger. But that's not an eyeball in this tray; it's just watercolor paint that has settled to resemble an eyeball.

So at least we have that going for us.

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