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15+ Brilliant Toilets That Deserve A Little Respect

When our days get particularly busy, it can sometimes seem like the only time we have to relax and center ourselves is when we use the bathroom.

I've definitely been there at various points in my life and it's hard to describe how much different it feels when that pressure you've been building up all day gets released in the few minutes it takes to do your business.

So naturally, we should want a nice place to spend those minutes and when we can't control what's in the bathroom, we often find that's not usually the case.

But there's something to admire about each of the toilets we're about to see.

1. It's often said that some of our best thinking is done in the bathroom so this Korean apartment building included a space for a notepad to keep those thoughts from going to waste.

Reddit | SaltyDogBill

And as the uploader tells it, that's not even getting into the features the actual toilet has.

You've likely seen those buttons built into it and they control the temperature, pressure, and position of the water jets as well as air temperature controls, seat warmers, child safety features, and a button to activate the self-cleaning system.

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2. This toilet in Estonia doesn't have all those fancy features but its owner did think of something that the Korean toilet's makers missed out on.

Reddit | 5against4

As you can see, this toilet includes a little target that helps us aim in the most optimal place to prevent noise and spillage.

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3. It's unclear where exactly this toilet is but it has a simple feature that all toilets should start including.

Reddit | helpingtree

In case it's not clear, that's a flap that you can use to push the seat up with your foot.

Let's just say that hands-free designs look pretty attractive right about now.

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4. It may take a little getting used to but this toilet design helps to save water.

Reddit | chongdog

You're most likely to see it in a prison stateside but it's becoming an increasingly popular design choice in Japan.

And in case this feels too grody to use, it's good to remember that the water you use to flush is long gone by the time this sink is usable.

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5. This toilet takes a different approach for a similar water-saving effect.

Reddit | armaedes

Instead of including a sink, this model uses less water by giving you the option for a less powerful flush if you only used it to pee.

As the sign says, you just pull the handle up in such cases rather than down.

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6. It's a little hard to see but this bathroom is as sophisticated as they come.

Reddit | NoFlyingMonkeys

After you're done with the toilet, it rotates into the wall and moves to a station where it is thoroughly sanitized.

Of course, most of us can't really see something like this in person because everything about it looks incredibly expensive.

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7. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible to install a way for us to sanitize things ourselves.

Reddit | Timatan

For instance, here we have a "refresh" station that lets you sanitize the seat with some toilet paper and the liquid this unit dispenses.

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8. While there's nothing functionally special about this toilet, it certainly highlights one cat café's commitment to its theme.

Reddit | GibbyTheGreat97

Indeed, this has to be the first time I've seen one covered by the image of a sleepy cat.

Of course, this may make the toilet a little weird to use so nobody will blame you if you just sit down and look away from it.

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9. A beautiful view is always a selling point in a hotel room but what about in a bathroom?

Reddit | donell_walter

Normally, the last thing we'd want is to have an open window next to the toilet but it's a little different when you're too high up for anyone to see you.

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10. This would probably be more handy when we're taking a shower but this toilet paper dispenser has an AM/FM radio in it.

Reddit | Namatacka

Still, I suppose I've had some meals that left me needing something to help pass the time and ease the discomfort while I'm...busy.

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11. Although people have been reading on the toilet for decades, they don't usually do it by looking at the walls.

Reddit | teftelya_ya

But in this case, all these posters were put here by the uploader's parents to help them learn English, which is apparently their third language.

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12. I have to admit, whoever designed this bathroom picked a really cool color gradiant for the fixtures.

Reddit | murderbride

Granted, the toilet doesn't seem to have a seat yet and the reason most toilets are white is because it's easier to tell how clean they are.

Still, it's hard not to admire the aesthetic even with these misgivings.

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13. Although we can't really see the bathroom in this case, we can tell that it comes highly recommended.

Reddit | steelpan

And honestly, it's nice to see a well-maintained bathroom get some recognition.

I can remember one campus bathroom I used that was nice enough to be my favorite and based on the graffiti, I wasn't alone in feeling that way.

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14. This toilet block in Tokyo finds a way to be both transparent and opague in the best possible ways.

Reddit | GoodMorningib

By that, I mean that it's clear when it's not in use and opague when it is. So not only can nobody see you use the toilet but there's also no danger of walking in on someone else.

It's happened to the best of us.

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15. They may call toilets "thrones" but this is probably one of very few that actually feels like one.

Reddit | wigglywigglyworm

It wasn't enough that someone turned it into a tiled armchair. After all, a throne isn't fit for a monarch unless it has powerful-looking lion heads decorating its arms.

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16. As we've seen, some toilets are cool because of aesthetic choices behind them rather than anything functional.

Reddit | hylajuggler

By the same token, there's no reason why this one needed us to flush it with a power button.

Still, I just like it as an idea.

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17. It's often our go-to example for the excess of the incredibly rich but a few people in this world do legitimately have golden toilets.

Reddit | deepdk002

I can't imagine it's terribly easy to clean but those who can afford these things can also afford the staff to take care of that part for them.

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18. Although this toilet looks a little ominous, it's actually glowing like this to be helpful.

Reddit | vennegoor1993

According to the uploader, their grandma's toilet has motion-activated lights that let people see where they're aiming as they pee late at night.

It's pretty clever.

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19. We've seen that bathrooms with breathtaking views aren't completely unheard of but this one's probably a little easier to enjoy comfortably.

Reddit | Browndog888

Rather than a skyline, the view from the facilities in this Japanese restaurant presents a soothing view of the nearby aquatic life.

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