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16+ Times People Tried To Make The World A Little More Fun

Ryan Ford 2 Oct 2020

Nobody wants to live in a bleak, gray dystopia but who's going to add the color and warmth and mirth that makes life a joy rather than a bore? I mean, who among us has the time, let alone the imagination?

Good news, there are still some folks out there who are committed to livening and lightening things up for the rest of us. Check out some of their work!

1. No mercy in this dojo.

Reddit | CleverNameHere13

As Halloween decorations go, this deserves a ridiculously oversized trophy.

I mean, going right down to the detail of posing the skeletons and building the bracket that brought Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence to the final bout at the All-Valley Karate Tournament in 1984 is just perfection.

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2. They stopped to think if they should and they went ahead anyway.

Reddit | joe_schmo_

It's a classic but it still takes some considerable devotion to fandom to paint up your ride like one of the vehicles from Jurassic Park.

Mind you, it would be a step even further to include some T. rex damage so they haven't gone the full mile for fandom.

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3. Well, I guess they are the musical fruit...

Reddit | NeonCamoo

Speaking of devotion to fandom, amirite? Really, the ultimate detail would be using a toilet instead of a stool to sit at this drum kit. Total missed opportunity if you go with anything else.

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4. You wanted to speak with the manager?

Reddit | wellbutrin_witch

Honestly, this is perfect branding. Not only are yellow labs terrifically friendly and good dogs, they also make the kind of mascot nobody can stay mad at for very long.

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5. A blast from the past.

Reddit | Washpedantic

Kind of a cool system at this burger joint, where you have to tune into their radio station to hear your order being called out when it's ready, and that plays '50s tunes the rest of the time.

Pretty cool way to reinforce a theme.

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6. Isn't that supposed to be American food?

Reddit | SwordPiePants

Those Canadians already have their own bacon, now they want their own hamburgers too?

Well, I guess the bacon is pretty good. We'll have to give the maple leaf burger a try just to see if it's worthy.

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7. What a lovely bouquet of...cupcakes?

Reddit | WilliAnne

I know, this looks so real but it's cupcakes! Everything in 2020 seems to have cake inside of it but that doesn't always have to be disappointing.

The only problem with this would be eating it. It's too perfect!

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8. Everybody liked that.

Reddit | MadJoeMak

VR goggles are generally only fun for the people actually wearing them. However, with the simple addition of a pair of googly eyes, they're fun for everyone! See? Total improvement.

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9. Well, that about sums it up.

Reddit | telrod11

As pregnancy announcements go, it's understated yet perfectly on point. That's a keeper, to be pulled out for high school grad and key moments beyond.

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10. D'aww...

Reddit | slothbarns7

Not sure what the occasion was but for some reason this hotel lit up some rooms in the shape of a heart.

Usually that sort of thing is reserved for nighttime, when it's much more visible so clearly, some effort went into this display.

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11. What is this, a sign for ants??

Reddit | Aliskevo

Well, yes, actually. You have to get down to ant-level to read it — or zoom in of course — but if you do, you'll be rewarded.

For those who can't zoom in, the sign reads:

"Ant antennae are sensitive enough to detect even the slightest hint of criticism. 68% of ants report feeling lonely in crowds. Although ants can lift things significantly heavier than themselves, they sometimes struggle to get out of bed."

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12. Is the Quickening optional or standard?

Reddit | ZeroBx500

There is a small part of me that hopes each Toyota Highlander comes with a sword — or at least a tire iron — for the inevitable duels you're bound to be forced into, as is my understanding of the Highlander franchise's canon.

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13. It's working already.

Reddit | hemightbebrian

I mean, who doesn't feel their spirits immediately lift upon learning that this emotional support pig's name is Piggie Smalls? And it has its own ID badge! Love it.

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14. Everyone's a critic.

Reddit | slingblade1315

I know, bathrooms usually get magazines (at least, they did before phones were our constant bathroom companions) but cats can't read.

So why not put up a little artwork? Clearly this little guy appreciates the atmosphere.

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15. Books!

Reddit | DickieJohnson

This library in Boise, Idaho is doing its best to generate some excitement for reading and community with as little effort as possible.

But hey, in my books, if any building deserves an exclamation point, it's the library for sure.

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16. "I named my hammers."

Reddit | yschaeff

I have definitely referred to a hammer as a "persuader" before, but hadn't thought to run the category of synonyms for a whole array of hammers.

And they're appropriate. That enforcer will surely enforce!

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17. If the person who made this sign isn't a dad, they're ready for fatherhood.

Reddit | KL14640

It's a classic and it's never been more relevant, either. Just, um, maybe don't wait around too long for an employee if you do see a sign like this in the wild. That could get pretty awkward.

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18. Kicks for kickstands!

Reddit | OffensivePanda

You know what the best part of this is? It almost certainly does its job better than the factory kickstand, providing a little cushion so the end of it doesn't stick into hot asphalt.

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19. Ah, nature, so peaceful and serene.

Reddit | dcs577

Googly eyes just make so many things better. They do. This random tree stump goes from boring to Pixar character in an instant. And yes, I would watch that movie.

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20. Patience is a virtue.

Reddit | Gradius125

And that's exactly what it must have taken someone to put so many googly eyes on these birds of paradise flowers, but they did it all the same. They look kind of like muppets now.

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