Stylist Turns Clients' Hair Into Colorful Unicorn Manes

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere — that's the idea behind stylist Mykey O'Halloran's incredible unicorn manes.

Mykey, a self-taught hair artist, runs a salon in Australia where he turns hair into colorful, statement-making masterpieces using a combination of his skill and his clients' amazing ideas. You just have to see his amazing designs!

Meet Mykey.

He's a self-taught stylist, but you would never know it! Rather than going to cosmetology school, he learned how to dye hair from videos and a lot of trial and error. And it paid off — big time.

His hair skills create works of art.

This look, called sunrise, is one of the many incredibly bright, vivid styles in Mykey's repertoire. If it has a lot of color, chances are Mykey can do it.

Some people opt for partial rainbows.

A really popular style of Mykey's is a hidden rainbow/peek-a-boo style moment. For this one, the entirety of the bottom half of the hair was dyed, as well as the ends on the top!

He works with pastels, too.

But in true Mykey fashion, he makes them himself! He combined some Manic Panic colours with a pastel creator from Olaplex to create this incredible blonde rainbow.

His work is other-worldly.

The way that blue and green shines seriously looks like magic. He calls this "Emerald Crystal," and it was done under natural copper hair. It looks like metal!

His rainbows are out of this world.

Look at that blending! It seriously looks like he individually colored each piece of hair for maximum attention to detail. I love the way the pink and the yellow mix with each other!

His rainbow afro is truly something incedible.

The way her hair makes each color look like gorgeous, never-ending rings of color is just stunning. Now this is the definition of unicorn hair, y'all! I'm so about that pink!

He really can do anything.

From pixelated looks, to ombré looks, to straight-up stripes, Mykey has the talent to create any look that pops into his head. His creativity os seriously off the charts.

He calls this his 'rainbow fish' look.

Anyone else remember reading Rainbow Fish as a kid? This look took inspiration from that fishy fashion icon for this gorgeous, multi-colored fish scale style. How did Mykey pull this off? This is pure talent right here.

Oh, and he even does custom wigs.

This is especially great for any drag queens looking for some new styles! He has a range of designs available, including this fun, pixel-inspired wig. You can get your own Mykey wig here.