People Online Are Sharing Memes About Home Depot's 12-Foot Skeleton

Brittany Rae 6 Oct 2020

Have you seen the Home Depot skeleton that's been going around social media recently?

If you have, you already know what this article is about. Sit back and enjoy.

If you haven't, allow me to introduce you to the greatest, funniest, best thing to happen in 2020: the absolutely gigantic skeleton Home Depot is selling for Halloween. And when I say gigantic, I mean gigantic.

Twitter quickly jumped on board.

A tweet showing a Mini Cooper driving with the skeleton strapped to the top of it sent Twitter into a frenzy, inspiring everyone to start looking for the skeleton in their own neighborhoods.

Also, memes. It inspired memes.

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So many memes were born.

And they're still going. I hope we meme this skeleton through all of October. We live in a weird world, we may as well stretch this one out as long as we can.

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Here's where it all started.

TikTok | Dieanna Nol

TikTok user Dieanna Nol posted a two-part video — set to a mashup of Cardi B's "WAP" and the main theme from The Phantom of the Opera, aptly titled "Phantom of the WAP-era" — showing off her purchase of the skeleton.

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I believe this to be true.

Girls are obviously getting ready to decorate their houses for the whole month of October, they need a giant skeleton. Their homes won't be complete without him, okay?

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Others want to own one.

And by "others," I mean this person, and also me. I want a giant, 12-foot skeleton. Do I live in an apartment? Yes. Do I have room for it? No. Do I care? Also no.

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After it went viral, people started seeing it in the wild.

I feel like these pictures adequately show off just how frickin' huge that skeleton is. I guarantee it's taller than most houses — I mean, it's at least two stories high.

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The skeleton has become a hot commodity.

We may have to infiltrate Home Depot in order to get our own skeletons, you guys. Those things are flying off the floor fast. In fact, it's entirely sold out online.

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People have had to keep an eye on their local store's stock for their shot at a skeleton.

If you want one of your own, you're definitely going to have to camp out on Home Depot's website and refresh your store's stock information, because it is GONE, gone from the internet.

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Buying one will set you back a pretty penny.

Home Depot

If you do manage to find one, be prepared for that cost. It'll cost you $299 for that bad boy, not including shipping. And with a package that large... well, let's just say the Mini Cooper makes a lot more sense now.

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Did I mention that it blinks?


You can see in Dienna's TikTok that the damn thing actually has light-up eyes that blink. I made you guys a gif of that so that you can join me in being horrified. You're welcome.

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Oh, and as for Dienna...

TikTok | Dieanna Nol

Her skeleton is chilling with some palm trees in her front yard, helpfully helping some fellow skeletons out. That's what it's doing, right? Right, guys?

She also has an Etsy shop, if you'd like to support her on her journey to decorating her entire house in skeletons!

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