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14+ Pics With Backstories That Are Both Fascinating And Inspiring

Ryan Ford 5 Oct 2020

Pics are so great at communicating a lot of info in an instant. Often, you hardly need more than a glimpse to appreciate what a photographer has managed to capture.

But what's going on below the surface of an image is much less obvious and it can leave you missing some crucial information.

1. That's a weird combo.

Facebook | Texas State Aquarium

But it turns out it totally works. When the Texas State Aquarium was shut down for the pandemic, caretakers took Chico the sloth around to some of the other animal exhibits, and he surprisingly struck it off with the dolphins.

I mean, how amazing is it that Liko here rolled over to get a sloth's eye view of things?

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2. A huge helping hand.

When a group of veterinarians needed to help get a poacher's snare off a gorilla infant, they put themselves in a bit of danger from the gorilla's family.

However, one of the silverbacks, Bukima, stood between the other silverbacks and the veterinarians while they did their thing, helping to keep the situation calm and safe. The medical intervention was a complete success, too.

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3. Aiming high.

Reddit | Domo_dude, Cha Daniel Afnan

It's surreal to see like this, but this guy is standing atop the second-tallest building in the world, Merdeka 118, which is still under construction in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Yeah, he's above the clouds with the tops of other skyscrapers poking through.

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4. They know about altitude, too.

Reddit | Mono_420

Nima and Furdiki are two of the few female sherpas guiding climbers up Mt. Everest. It's incredibly dangerous, grueling work and the fact that they can still manage to crack smiles is remarkable.

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5. Now this is an ode to joy.

Brazilian pianist João Carlos Martins had been forced to work as a conductor alone since the early 2000s due to a degenerative disease and series of accidents in his hands. He underwent 24 surgeries trying to repair and reverse the damage enough to play again.

Here he is at 79, playing piano thanks to a pair of bionic gloves.

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6. Progress worth celebrating.

Reddit | Doshizle

"I drew this when I was 17. I called it 'addiction'. I have since overcome my addiction and keep it with me to this day," the uploader of this pic wrote. "I am 25 now. I drew this in a single uninterrupted 45 hour session."

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7. And the band played on.

Reddit | PCLoadLetter83

The W.H.H. on this violin case refers to Wallace Henry Hartley, the bandleader and violinist aboard the RMS Titanic.

This is his violin, recovered in the aftermath of the tragedy and returned to Hartley's fiancée. In the intervening years, the violin was gifted and re-gifted, and eventually was found in a British man's attic in 2013.

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8. Majestic.

It's true, you do see a fair number of rocket launches but when was the last time you saw one captured with the moon in the background like this?

And with the turbulence from the rocket's engine in there, too! That's a keeper.

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9. Back at it, finally.

Reddit | benhundben

"It’s been about four years since I gave up floorball due to illness in my feet. This weekend I played again for the first time as a double amputee," the uploader of this pic wrote. "I even used my own personalized wheelchair!"

You've got to love accessibility tech.

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10. A unique memento.

Reddit | whiskeytwn

The uploader of this pic wrote that his uncle made this amazing lamp out of odds and ends at the family's ranch.

"He makes these and when my Dad passed in Feb he went out to the family ranch and got some of this junk," they explained. "It works by the knob on the top. I guess the gauges weren’t from the place but the rest of it is mostly his old stuff. It’s a treasure to me."

I have to admit, that's pretty cool.

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11. A force for good.

Facebook | Baby yoda fights fires

In Oregon, firefighters battling historic wildfires in the state were gifted a Baby Yoda doll by a five-year-old boy. They've taken the toy and run with it, keeping it alongside them for a wide variety of outings.

The Baby Yoda doll, along with a note from the boy reading "Here is a friend in case you get lonely," has been to at least four wildfires in two states, flown aboard a helicopter, and provided an undeniable morale boost. You can follow the doll's adventures at the Baby yoda fights fires Facebook page.

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12. Wow, that's strict.

Reddit | TouchButtPro

If you thought sponsorship deals were all fun and games, check out this fan encounter from back in the '90s.

"Me, barefoot with Michael Jordan because he refused to be in a picture with a kid in Reeboks," the uploader wrote. Seems like a small price to pay for a pic with a legend.

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13. Love a duck.

Facebook | Manor Farm Charitable Trust

Stumble the duck here only has one leg, so a group came together to outfit him with a little custom-made wheelchair.

Apparently he didn't take very well to the contraption at first, but "Left to his own devices in the support slings, he visibly relaxed and sat ‘floofing’ his wings - the tell-tale signs of a happy duck."

You love to see it!

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14. "My grandpa skiing on his 91st birthday."

Reddit | Penukoko13

Well, we should all have an extra goal now: to be able to go flat-out like this guy when we're 91. Frankly, I'm not even half his age and I'd embarrass myself on a waterski.

So big time respect for him.

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15. "My grandpa in front of the plane he flew in World War II. He is 97 now."

Reddit | SonOfQuora

Well, it's a good thing this isn't a competition for coolest grandfather. But how incredible is it to get to see your WWII plane in a museum like that? It's mind-blowing.

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16. Still one of the hardest character deaths.

Reddit | 338geek

You know you've created an iconic character that struck a serious chord with fans when they hunt down the character's death site and start up an impromptu memorial. If you're wondering, this Dobby memorial is in Pembroke, U.K.

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