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16+ Bizarre Pics That Told Us A Surprising Amount About Human Behavior

Human behavior is such a complicated field of study in our world that people are still arguing about why we do the things we do after centuries of examining it.

Do we act in ways we're hard-wired to by our genetics or do our choices and the experiences informing those choices matter more than anything else? When we behave out of character, is that because we're acting differently or just defying how everyone perceives us?

These are big questions and none of them are something that a list of amusing pictures from the internet is equipped to answer. However, that doesn't mean it can't pull back the rug on some truths about how we behave.

1. Although it's difficult to get us to obey a lot of the signs we come across, the big exception is one that says, "Please touch."

Reddit | Newbee_3000

If there's one thing people like to do whether they're supposed to or not, it's touch stuff.

And the whole point of this sign is to show us what happens when we get our grubby hands on everything else in this museum.

By the way, notice how some folks managed to sneak their fingers into the part they're not supposed to touch?

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2. You'll notice that a lot of procedures in life are done because "that's the way we've always done it" and we can see a peculiar example here.

Reddit | toastyhoodie

If you've ever wondered why some speed limit signs are so oddly specific, it's not because the city randomly decided that was a good idea.

Instead, we're looking at the results of written clauses in some business and community guidelines that say nobody can travel over 20 miles per hour on their grounds. Since this as fast as you can go without running afoul of this rule, that's what's on the sign.

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3. When people get something they really want, it's kind of a toss-up as to whether they'll actually use it or consider it so precious that they'll lock it away.

Reddit | Sick_of_work

The second of those possible behaviors is the reason why this person's mother-in-law wrapped their birthday gift in Space Jam paper that it seems like she's had since the movie came out.

She may have kept it long after that movie's hype died down but at least she was in time for the nostalgia wave around it.

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4. Although entire civilizations have arisen from people's desire to control nature, there are smaller, more ridiculous ways that we can convince ourselves we have that power.

Reddit | nopersonalitygang

For instance, I'm not sure how this person thought they had any influence over something as chaotic and daring as a seagull.

It kind of reminds me of the time my neighbor tried to explain ethics and the concept of mortality to her dog after it killed a squirrel.

As you might expect, that worked about as well as this sign.

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5. An Amazon employee discovered that one of their coworkers strapped this note to the vending machine.

Reddit | Takeheart13

Although their real anxieties may have compelled them to write it, it might help you rest a little easier to tell you that they're not describing their actual experiences but rather quoting the first Resident Evil game.

So what does this tell us? Basically, no matter what's happening or how somebody may be feeling, they've got a pop culture reference for the occasion.

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6. Apparently, this is a Halloween costume that Tim Burton's mom made for him back in 1967.

Reddit | HalfBreedBreeder

I'm not saying that this was his direct inspiration for Jack Skellington but it's hard not to see the resemblance, isn't it?

Whenever it seems like someone chose a weird career path, there are usually clues.

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7. No matter what we create in life, it's almost a guarantee that at least one person out there will imitate it.

Reddit | teorosso

And if something of yours ever gets ripped off, I can only hope that the person who does it is as obvious about it as the makers of Dcloe & Gababna.

Wow, did this really come all the way from Itlay?

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8. No matter how old you are, you're sure to encounter at least a few "Do as I say, not as I do" situations in your life.

Reddit | _u0

It can get super frustrating in serious political matters but it's kind of funny when a sign clashes this hard with the poster next to it.

"See how much fun this person is having on that diving board? Well, stop because that's not for you."

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9. Let's face it, a lot of us have dirty minds and figuring out who among us has one is as easy as seeing how they react to this picture.


If you see a simple structure that connects the sign displaying this person's address to their mailbox, you're nice and innocent.

But if it brings to mind two people engaging in some, um...more intimate human behavior, welcome to the club.

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10. If it seems like people will sue each other over anything, it helps to know that there are more situations that warrant that response than we might expect.

Reddit | hicklander

Believe it or not, it's likely that someone actually would be on the hook for legal liabilities if people were attacked by a tigers in this area.

According to the BBC, that's because there are possibly more tigers being kept as pets in the United States than exist in the wild. And it's a particularly big phenomenon in Texas.

So if a tiger bites you in Dallas, that tiger probably has an owner you can sue.

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11. Entire nations have been born from humanity's rebellious streak but that doesn't mean we aren't just as rebellious when it doesn't matter.

Reddit | Canned_Mann

For instance, this person doesn't care what the box says. They're eating these chocolate mints before eight and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Why are these candies called that, anyway?

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12. It's probably an unwritten law of the universe that the unnecessary risks someone is taking are inversely proportionate to how worried they are about them.

Reddit | discogcat

Although we can't see this woman's face as she hangs off the back of a bus, it probably looks similar to the neutral expression she'd have if she were still waiting for it.

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13. Even in the scariest and most uncertain times, our senses of humor can prevail.

Reddit | smarzz

Of course, it turns out that TikTok headstone was calling the game a little too early but the rest of them seem to hold reasonably true.

Stay safe out there.

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14. We all know that everyone makes mistakes but it's pretty rare for one of them to leave someone way better off than they expected.

Reddit | thierry05

And that's how this person ordered one keyboard but ended up receiving five of them.

However, it seems that this error only looks like it benefited them as the law in the U.K. where they live holds that keeping stuff that was sent to you by accident apparently counts as theft.

So instead, they're in the process of sending them back. Oh, well.

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15. There's something weird about all of us but some of us take those eccentricities and turn them into a hobby.

Reddit | theclinae

At least, that's how this woman was able to put hair on her little googly-eyed creation here.

Apparently, she collected her cat's fallen whiskers for a few years to make this possible.

I don't think that was the reason she kept them but I'm lost on what it might have been.

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16. They say that one person's trash is another's treasure and I don't think anything encapsulates that truism more than this abandoned set from Star Wars.

Reddit | BirchTainer

It's apparently just a modest row of sci-fi houses with little inside of them except for dirt and graffiti.

Yet that hasn't stopped devoted fans from trekking through the Tunisian desert just to see these artifacts of cinema history in person.

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17. We've proven time and time again that the best way to make us pay for stuff we don't want is to slap a big question mark on the bag.

Reddit | oliveang

Indeed, there's probably nothing in these "surprise bags" that we'd normally pay $30 for but that doesn't make them any less oddly tempting.

Yes, even as I write this, I want to know what's in them. And I'm especially curious as to what's in those "lucky take-out" containers.

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18. As the uploader wrote, "My wife held a small funeral for her king after losing her first game of chess."

Reddit | Unteyetled_username

It's quirky and wholesome but it's also an interesting reaction to losing compared to how competitive the majority of people seem to be.

While I'm not exactly saying I flipped the board as a kid, my immediate reaction of either leaving the room or setting up a rematch wouldn't have left time to do this.

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19. Although the results aren't usually as memorable as this, we can often find in life that the problems we really have are larger than the ones we think we do.

Reddit | bzzinthetrap

For instance, this exterminator was looking for evidence of mice in this house but ended up finding a weak spot in the house's attic boards instead.

Maybe the carpenter who fixes this will find the mouse?

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20. It's likely that we all know someone with a weird collection but I doubt what's in their basements leaves as many unanswered questions as this.

Reddit | themanimal

As the uploader put it, "My neighbor's yard sale has six of the same Agent Cody Banks skateboard decks for sale."

The revelation of such a forgettable movie having skateboard decks made for it was so surprising that I forgot to wonder why and how anyone would come into possession of six of them.

Be honest, was "six identical Agent Cody Banks skateboard decks" a concept you would have ever thought you'd have to wrestle with today?

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