Twitter Users Are Sharing Photos Of Their Misinterpreted Tattoos

Have you had a tattoo design that's hard for people to interpret? Or even worse, one that gets misinterpreted a lot?

That seems to be the case for these people who have sadly realized that their awesome tattoos aren't so awesome after all. Can you imagine having to always answer perplexing questions about the meaning of your tattoo? That would be so annoying to me.

Twitter user @chaz_robertson_ posted a picture on Twitter of her tattoo which shows a frog sitting on a chair. Unfortunately, someone thought it was Mike from Monsters, Inc.

I guess it didn't help that the tattoo was partially covered by her shirt ha, ha.

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Twitter users even made fun of the resemblance and insisted that it definitely looked like Mike.

This went on for some time and probably would have for even longer. But, alas, this story had to end at some point.

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Folks on Twitter were so adamant that it was Mike Wazowski and, funnily enough, this post actually went viral because of it.

So, @chaz_robertson_ finally had to post a full picture of her tattoo to prove them wrong. Can you believe this, lol?

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These tweets sparked a huge thread where other people replied with their own tattoos that often get misinterpreted.

Apparently, everybody thought this was the ghost monster from the Scooby-Doo movie, when it actually wasn't. So, this Twitter user went to get it fixed ASAP, ha, ha!

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I can't even understand what this tattoo writing is trying to convey here.

If you can, you must be some kind of genius. I honestly wouldn't be so happy to be stuck with this on my arm. Isn't it terrible?

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Oh my goodness, if this doesn't make you think twice before you get a tattoo, I dunno what will, ha, ha!

Giphy | SpongeBob SquarePants

Next time you're deciding on one, be sure to have someone else look at it and tell you what they see. Getting a second opinion is important!

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Speaking of not being able to read a tattoo, how about this total fiasco?

Twitter | @@JxSerendipity

I think this one is even worse than the previous one. I'm baffled that some folks don't research their tattoo artists and, instead, end up with something like this.

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How about this sinister-looking Oogie Boogie tattoo here?

Do you think it resembles the Ghostbusters logo? I wouldn't go that far. But I would say that maybe it does look a little bit like the actual ghost seen in the movie.

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I bet this fox tattoo seemed like a good idea at the time.

Unfortunately, now this lady has to put up with people asking her if it's a tattoo of a certain Pokémon instead. I can see how it could be interpreted like that.

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It's always tricky to get the writing done properly on a tattoo.

So make sure you don't end up with something that people can't read because it's going to be more headaches than it's actually worth, ha, ha! Am I right?

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What in the heck is that supposed to be?

Can somebody enlighten me on what this lady is referring to? I'm so lost here. Maybe it's one pop culture reference too much for me. But nonetheless, I'm having fun looking at these.

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This Lord of the Rings tattoo has gotten this person into some trouble.

It's not even Arabic and people seem to think so ha, ha. I guess these folks aren't die-hard fans of the books or the films. That's too bad.

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If this doesn't teach you not to get a manatee tattoo, I dunno what will.

First of all, why a manatee of all tattoo choices? It's not like they're all that attractive, but then, this poorly done one too? Yikes!

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Apparently, the frog tattoo that started this thread was supposed to be a tribute to Over The Garden Wall.

What do you make of this one? I think it's a little sinister too.

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In addition to sharing their misinterpreted tattoos, some people took the chance to share their Over The Garden Wall designs.

Do these ideas ever end? I really do hope so because I dunno how much more of this I can take. Are these people mad or what? Or do you enjoy this too?

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What would you say about this masterful, ahem, I mean, miserable piece?

That's not the most positive vibe one can spread to the world. Am I right? If I were this person I would have thought twice about getting this baby done.

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I hope these tattoos give you an idea of what you shouldn't do.

Giphy | FOX TV

Unless answering a bunch of stupid questions for the rest of your life is your idea of fun, ha, ha! I gotta say I would pass on that one.

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