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12+ Online Shoppers Who Need A Refund, Stat

I gotta admit, it took me some time to feel fully comfortable with ordering stuff online. It must be my skeptical nature but once I did it a few times, it started to feel okay.

Thankfully, I've never had any huge fiascos to steer me away from shopping online. Unfortunately, these folks did and they're here to share their horror stories with us.

1. This "Deadpool" Costume

Reddit | /llewellyns

Here's one reason why I don't like buying clothes online — you can't try them on. And when it comes to Halloween costumes, be careful what you wish for. This terrible knockoff isn't even remotely close to the original.

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2. This Pizza


Can you imagine ordering a pizza online only to get the toppings on cardboard? OMG, that's a first for me, I gotta say. If this is some kind of new Keto diet thing, I don't even want to know about it.

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3. This Pizza Tray

Reddit | ShhhtanHalen

Speaking of pizza, once you do get one that's not made out of cardboard, you'll need to warm it up on a pizza pan, no? Well, this small pan isn't going to cut it. It really does pay off to read the size dimensions on Amazon.

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4. This Desk Lamp


This person ordered a desk lamp online and I guess they got what they paid for. It will definitely fit on a desk with absolutely no problems, ha, ha! Only it's a little too small to really enjoy it or use it for reading.

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5. This Cozy Blanket

I don't blame whoever ended up ordering this blanket online — it does look so pretty. Sadly, when they received it looked more like an oversized handkerchief than any blanket I've ever seen. Aww, that's so mean.

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6. This Cast Iron Skillet

Reddit | Slothsome

You can get some great deals shopping online for stuff like cast iron skillets. They're usually a lot more expensive in the store. But be wary because when the price seems too good to be true, it's usually a red flag. This itty bitty pan is the perfect example of that.

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7. This Bait And Switch

It's bad enough when what you order online doesn't exactly look the same as the picture. But when you get something entirely different, it's another issue altogether, isn't it? How did this order turn into minions?

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8. This Mug

What happened to this mug? It must've been some printing disaster. Either way, this should have never been shipped out to the customer. I hope they get their money back. I would definitely ask for a refund.

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9. This Radio Flyer

Reddit | mc_dad

This is what happens when you want to surprise your child with a cool online order. It turns out you need either a smaller child or this one is going back to the sender, lol. He still seems to like it, though.

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10. These AirPods

Reddit | tynalt

I think this person didn't realize they were ordering a gag item from Amazon. Somehow I don't think these are the AirPods they were expecting. They're just slightly bigger than necessary, ha, ha! That's so funny.

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11. This Doggy Pool

When you order a doggy pool you definitely expect it to at least fit the dog, no? This one barely fits two of this pooch's paws. Aww, it's a cute picture nonetheless. Maybe this could be his outdoor water bowl.

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12. This Rick Sanchez Doll

Reddit | SirCupcake93

If you're a fan of Rick and Morty, you may appreciate this person's frustration here. On the left is what they were expecting and on the right is what they actually got. I bet they're not impressed.

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13. This Toilet Paper

Reddit | jco23

Honestly, I'm not sure why anyone would go to all the trouble to order toilet paper from China, but I guess this person thought they were getting a good deal. As it turned out, not so much in this case. When compared to a regular roll, this order doesn't even come close.

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14. This Beauty Order

You'd think that when you order beauty items online they would come sealed shut. That's what I would hope, at least. This is exactly what this person thought, too, and then they ended up with this mess.

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15. This Chunky Blanket

Reddit | pencil-pusher

Chunky blankets are all the rage during the fall season. They're a hot item for a reason, and that's because they definitely keep you warm and cozy. Somehow I doubt this one would do the same. What a rip-off.

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16. This Key Ring

Why do online pictures always make the items look so cute? When, in reality, you might actually end up with something as creepy as this. OMG, that doesn't even resemble the original item in any way, shape, or form, ha, ha!

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17. This Dress

I dunno what this dress looked like online when this lady decided to purchase it. I'm going to assume she didn't mean to show all her business like this at her senior formal. This online dress experience didn't work out so well.

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18. This Blanket

I'm always surprised when people end up getting their dimensions wrong. Take this lady, for example. She wanted an oversized blanket and she ended up with a bath towel instead. How does that even happen? Was it a bait and switch?

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19. This Tank Dress

I bet this guy didn't expect his new tank to turn into a hot dress, lol. On second thought, it does still show off all his muscles — if you know what I mean. So I say, mission accomplished.

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20. This Bunny Bed

The description of this bunny bed stated that it was "perfect for bunnies." Unfortunately, whoever made this item didn't realize that bunnies do grow eventually. This cutie pie outgrew his bed quite quickly. But I think it's still very adorable.

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21. This Cat Tower

Reddit | cewallace9

What the heck? I can't get over the actual size of this cat tower. It looks like even the kitty isn't amused at this find. Why would anyone sell something as small as this in the first place?

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22. This Jumpsuit

Ladies, this is exactly why I'm so wary of ordering jumpsuits online. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to try on certain things before I buy them. And to be honest, jumpsuits are definitely one of those things.

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If this doesn't make you question everything you buy online, I dunno what will.


I gotta admit I go over each and every purchase I make on the internet with a fine-tooth comb. Otherwise, I would be sweating bullets waiting for it.

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