10+ Pumpkin Carving Designs That Took A Weird Turn

Brittany Rae 6 Oct 2020

Carving pumpkins is truly one of the all-time, best Halloween traditions. It's fun, it's an excuse to get creative, and if you play your cards right, you might get pie out of it.

Seriously, what's not to like? These people definitely agree, since they went ahead and carved some of the absolute weirdest pumpkins I've ever seen. No, really.

1. Thanks, I'm terrified.

WHY are the teeth so gigantic?! Why are they so flat? And why am I afraid of this thing haunting me? I know it's going to find me and eat me alive.

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"My boyfriend's first time carving pumpkins."

My favorite part of this definitely has to be the comment left under it, which accused him of being in Junior High. Nope, he's 27. There's a first time for everything!

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3. This is one of my all-time favorite pumpkin designs.

I just wanna cry looking at it. It's so tiny! Look at that little face! Imagine how hilarious it would look all lit up. What if I did my pumpkin like this? I'm gonna do it.

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4. See, now this one is a direct opposite of the first one.

Rather than having terrifying teeth, this one is just all gums. I kind of love it. I love his denture fangs just floating in his cup of water. Bless him.

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5. Did a war happen here?

I have some questions. I also need to know how they carved that chest piece, because the ribs look absolutely perfect. I love seeing that level of talent on something completely silly.

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6. I need to put another tiny carving in here.

Reddit | u/Mattdog625

This is the absolute height of comedy to me. Imagine cutting open that pumpkin, painstakingly scooping all of the seeds and innards out, and then turning around and carving that face into the front. That's beautiful.

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7. This pumpkin is going to haunt my dreams.

It almost looks like a gecko, but I couldn't tell you why. Doesn't it kind of look like what the Geico gecko would look like if it went totally insane?

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8. Now THESE are scary.

I would not enjoy seeing any of these, but I gotta say — that check engine light is my least favorite. I see that, and I know at least $200 is about to disappear from my bank account.

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9. This is such a 2020 pumpkin.

Reddit | wintermute2391

No triangles, no teeth, no noose. Just a regular, rather blank looking happy face. That's the 2020 vibe, you guys. If you're reading this in the future, please know this is the perfect symbol of this awful year,

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10. Well, this does cover two holidays...

Reddit | spottswood15

The level of skill this took to perfectly carve the leg lamp? Wow. It's also beautifully supported by the hidden thread up at the top! You can leave this one up for a quick minute.

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11. An attempt was made.

Reddit | BenThyBen14

I am absolutely thrilled at this "carving." It really communicates how I feel about everything in the world right now. I've got the spirit, but not the energy.

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12. This is the young version of the dentures pumpkin.

They're here, they're white, and they actually kind of look like spiders. Do you see it? I totally see it. Anyway, these little guys actually scare me a little.

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13. Anyone who has a cat knows this struggle.

Reddit | u/Hyzer_Ace91

"My father-in-law is a visionary with defective pumpkins."

Ah yes, the beautiful sight of a cat showing you its butt to say hi. Congrats to this father-in-law for this masterpiece.

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14. You know what, let's throw the pumpkin out entirely.

Reddit | TatersArePrecious

"Pumpkins get too much love. I carved a Jack-o-Tater."

You know what, I'll allow it. Leave it up for Halloween, then stick it in the oven and make yourself some DELICIOUS Jack-o-Tater chips.

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