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15+ Strange Sights That Made Us Laugh Because We Didn't Know What Else To Do

Sometimes we can get in a pretty weird mood and find things funny that we'd never be able to explain to anyone else. I'm not even talking about one of those "you had to be there" moments that forms the basis for an inside joke.

Like, there are moments where nobody is in on the joke but you and you're not even sure why you're laughing at it. But of course, we know that it's in those moments that we often laugh the hardest and the fact that everyone else just looks confused makes it even funnier.

I'm not saying the pictures we're about to see will have that effect but I'm not sure what other effect they can have.

1. You never know what you'll see in a CAT scan and I don't just mean from a medical standpoint.

Reddit | Yeeslander

I guess it helps that we're looking at someone's abdomen and not their brain, but I wouldn't have guessed that any part of our bodies has what looks like a bat hanging out in it.

At least it looks happy enough?

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2. Considering how much fertilizer there technically is in an outhouse, I wonder if this happens more often than we think?

Reddit | minzsasori

I'm not sure whether someone ate the wrong kind of seed or an animal just decided to drop one here but I think this hut belongs to the tree now.

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3. Crows are supposed to be pretty smart but it looks like that doesn't stop them from falling in with the wrong crowd.

Reddit | Mccrystal_T

Tsk tsk, such a filthy habit. Where are your parents?

Oh, don't you "caw" at me, young man. You're in a lot of trouble.

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4. Apparently, this person has been telling the uploader that they need to go on a crusade for a while now.

Reddit | rabbiguy

And since he showed up to their house like this, there aren't really a lot of other ways to interpret what he meant by that.

That said, this still raises a lot more questions than it answers and I'm honestly a little nervous about the answers to those questions.

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5. I know that math isn't the strong suit for a lot of us but there can't that many people falling for this, right?

Reddit | aenigma42

I don't know, maybe the plan is that once you're a few drinks deep, you'll look at this sign and suddenly think, "Wow, what a great deal!"

OK, now I'm seeing why they're an evil genius.

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6. Even if you don't read Dutch, this sign is probably saying exactly what you think it is.

Reddit | leafybones

Yeah, this amusement park apparently has "no wasps allowed" signs. Because if there's one thing that's both famously literate and respectful of people's boundaries, it's a wasp.

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7. Riding elevators with others can be a pretty awkward experience in general but it's especially true in a weird one like this.

Reddit | funtuzy

What's making me chuckle the most is the fact that it still has a 530-pound weight limit.

Unless you fill the elevator with lead for some reason, I don't see how you could possibly get anything that heavy to fit in here.

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8. Every parent knows that there's nothing kids love more than shaving their Barbie dolls.

Reddit | WeEndedTheWorld

For the record, no, this isn't an official Mattel product. In fact, this gag gift is probably the only thing on this list that's actually supposed to be funny.

Actually, I can't imagine the wasp sign as anything but a joke so it's one of the only things.

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9. Apparently, the parks and playgrounds of Algeria are known for having these weird statues in them.

Reddit | boustilyasser

In a way, they're kind of perfect because they seem whimsical and friendly enough for kids to like them but they get there in a weird enough way to make their parents scratch their heads.

I guess they're kind of like the Teletubbies, only less vaguely creepy.

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10. This isn't the first car I've seen somebody mod to look like Thomas the Tank Engine but it's a particularly special case.

Reddit | Grillos

That's because someone was brilliant enough to slap on his angry face, which is somehow way funnier than if he was his usual smiley self and I can't explain why.

It's a good thing Thomas isn't real (sorry kids) because I doubt he'd appreciate my uncontrollable laughter at his rage.

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11. OK, I'll admit that this picture makes me a little jealous because I'm way too hopeless with chopsticks to pull something like this off.

Reddit | jxu12345

But still, why do I get the feeling that he brought those to this burger joint just to flex his skills on us?

Because until now, I have literally never seen someone eat a burger this way.

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12. This is the kind of weird thing that would make me laugh right up until it started moving.

Reddit | judewijesena

And sure, this thing could run out and try to tell me that it's just a rodeo prop that rustled in the wind but I'd already be halfway out of sight like the Roadrunner by then.

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13. Sorry buddy, but it really doesn't work that way.

Reddit | NathanKett

Despite how they market this soap, it really is just soap with no psychoactive properties whatsoever.

All you really get when you bite into this is a soapy taste in your mouth and a lingering sense of regret.

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14. Yeah, I'm not sure whose directions this person is following to "catch a girlfriend" but they definitely told him wrong.

Reddit | Shadow474747

Like, the tacos and the iced coffees may not be terrible ideas but I can't imagine her being terribly impressed by the eight dollars this guy plopped on the ground.

Nor by the apparent fact that he has warrants. Like, I don't recall any Tinder profiles saying, "I just want somebody who will get arrested if he goes to Kentucky."

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15. Until someone collected them like this, I never realized how pushy '80s horror movies could be.

Reddit | catfishman

How am I supposed to not panic when they keep giving me these urgent orders not to go anywhere or do anything?

You've already got me living in a tent in the back yard. I'll panic all I want, thank you very much.

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16. There's something about seeing a friendly, dopey face in an unexpected place that just makes me giggle.

Reddit | diceb0mb

Much like an adorable pup, Patrick the traffic cone just looks so excited to be going for a ride!

I think 2020 is making my brain melt.

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17. For further evidence of this, let's take a look at this cat that got a similar response out of me.

Reddit | lessthanjenn

While I can kind of see how the uploader thought this looked like Jack Skellington, I'm getting friendly ghost vibes more than friendly pumpkin king vibes.

I always wondered why everyone was so scared of Casper but maybe he looked like this to them.

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18. This tree bears an uncanny resemblance to an oddly mischievous dragon.

Reddit | Shiamkazing

Or maybe it looks so smug because it thinks it's perfect camouflaged. As we can see, it's wrong but it should be OK as long as that weird crusader guy from earlier doesn't show up.

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19. As the uploader put it, "A real fly got caught and died in my fake Halloween spider webs."


I guess we have to hand it to the spiders for designing such an effective fly catcher that even crude imitations of it work.

I can't imagine how pissed a spider that set up shop nearby would be if the fly avoided its web for this, though.

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20. Apparently, these peppers are just lying around on the floor of an abandoned laundromat.

Reddit | PinkGS

Some commenters figure they were left here so they could dry out in the sun but that still doesn't explain where they came from or why they ended up here of all places.

Like, is this where Peter Piper hangs out when he wants to get away from it all?

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