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16+ Creepy Things We're Glad Somebody Else Found

Ryan Ford 6 Oct 2020

The key thing about horror movies is that they're almost always built from a nugget of reality. Sure, nobody really has to worry about a doll possessed by an evil spirit going on a murder spree, but haven't we all seen a doll that would fit that bill if it ever did come to life?

And as much as we've all been there, frankly, I'm cool with letting other people stumble upon the creepy things out there that might inspire horror movie makers. Keep them at a distance, thanks.

1. I really don't need to know if this fungus is edible or not.

Reddit | anganeonnumilla

But at least you can rest assured that it comes by its name honestly: dead man's fingers. Or, in this case I suppose, you could say dead man's toes.

Either way, they're not going on my burger.

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2. Like they're ready to hatch.

Reddit | euein

The good news is that we don't have to worry about any alien facehuggers exploding out of these things in a mass of goo and tentacles.

It's really just a cabbage patch. Not the most appetizing cabbage though, which is saying something.

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3. This is why kids need to put their toys away.

Reddit | Kijei

You don't even need to bark your shin on this tiny car to be traumatized by it. I mean, this pic could serve as the cover art of a Wes Craven flick, don't you think?

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4. Not even that big of a reach.

Reddit | jfrchen1207

Laundry has never been so terrifying. I know it's just a tub full of rubber gloves, but dang if this doesn't give you nightmares about hands reaching up from deep, cold waters to drag you down.

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5. Our lady of perpetual screams.

Reddit | oldmaninavan21

Somebody in Humboldt, California wanted to make an impact on people, apparently, and decided to live in their nightmares with this creation.

I don't know why but the bouquet of fresh flowers only adds to the creep factor.

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6. This cursed Olds.

Reddit | i-name-is-josh

So, if you're a cop and you see this car driving in the carpool lane, are you more or less likely to pull it over?

Because that doll must be there as a carpool decoy — at least, I hope that's why it's there — but man that's a creepy scene with the grill smashed in. This car has nope all over it.

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7. Always watching.

Reddit | Livres_et_cafe

Just a simple silhouette in front of a window, one that always seems to be there, is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Apparently, that's just a doll in the window, so at least there's that.

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8. Gross.

Reddit | SnookiWookieeCookie

What looks like a soggy bun or a slimy potato — and that I definitely wouldn't want to pick up with my bare hand — is in fact a type of mollusk known as a gumboot chiton.

It's easy to see how it got its nickname, the "wandering meatloaf."

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9. Well, I guess it's there if you need it.

Reddit | Kirax_2113

Someone happened upon a still-marked fallout shelter in their city, though the Cold War is long over.

But if you needed it, wouldn't you hesitate to go down that staircase? I'm pretty sure at least one Stephen King short story starts like that.

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10. Ominous.

Reddit | Pierogi_Pile

With layers of color and texture like that, those clouds are either about to unleash a hellish torrent on the world below or possibly open up a portal to another dimension, as is my understanding of the situation.

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11. That's a buzzkill.

Reddit | Warmstar219

I guess the junior naturalist in you might find this view of a wasp nest fascinating\ but for me, that's too close for comfort.

You just know they're going to find a way inside, right? No thank you.

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12. My God, those things would get everywhere.

Reddit | jje414

Apparently, all you need to turn a bag of potatoes into a tentacle monster is to forget about it in a cupboard for about six months. Glad I don't have to clean that up!

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13. I don't have enough noes for this.

Reddit | DeliciousConfections

Okay, I get that an ear, nose, and throat doctor might want to put out some unique, thematically appropriate decor items but a lamp of noses is not as welcoming as they think. Not even close.

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14. Maybe not the best timing.

Reddit | Takeheart13

As pranks go, this might hit a little too close to home.

Someone posted this note quoting Resident Evil on a vending machine at an Amazon warehouse, and if you're familiar with the franchise, it's a neat prank. If you're not, it's going to creep you out to the core.

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15. Definitely suspect.

Reddit | jonofthesouth

Knowing where and why fungi grow, you have to be on your guard when this many mushrooms pop up "overnight" on a stump, as these did.

What the heck are all those mushrooms feasting on to grow so quickly?

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16. Mark of evil, or at least light mischief.

Reddit | noodlemcfoodle

Grumpy cat, stand aside, we've got hellish cat right here. All it even took was for this kitty to get a face-full of flour. Somehow, that's not even all that comforting.

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17. Children of the peanuts.

Reddit | Oh-God-Its-Kale

It's remarkable how easy it is to turn the Peanuts gang into something ominous.

Just beady, dead eyes and wide, lifeless smiles does the trick, not to mention the wrong-colored clothing that makes them seem like they're from a mirror universe.

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18. Welp, that will get your attention.

Reddit | rtothewin

"Found in a cemetary [sic] while geocaching. The doll was wrapped in the paper which was wrapped in the cloth cross and bound with twine," the uploader of this pic explained.

Apparently it was a genuine attempt to curse somebody, which is...yikes.

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19. This doll is less yikes.

Reddit | D-Briq

Although the uploader of this pic was definitely creeped out after finding it, with a burnt head, in their mailbox.

But it's a "worry doll," an item used by the indigenous people of Guatemala that's intended to take on all of a child's worries for them.

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20. Sleeping giant.

Reddit | VVHYY

Well, that might be a generous description of what this rock looks like; the uploader of this pic thought it looked more like a "severed head."

I can't say that's inaccurate, either.

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