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102-Year-Old Woman Wears Full PPE Suit To Keep Up Lifelong Voting Streak

While this is widely considered one of the most critical elections in American history on both sides of the aisle, it's also one that comes at a truly unfortunate time.

As we've seen from how it has affected people from all walks of life, COVID-19 adds a dangerous and potentially deadly challenge to Americans planning to do their civic duty. And while mail-in ballots can serve as an effective way to sidestep that danger, their availability and the ease of using them varies from state to state.

Nonetheless, there are those who are so determined to cast their votes that not even a pandemic can stop them. And a woman in Chicago recently proved that she belongs among their ranks.

Before she retired, 102-year-old Beatrice Lumpkin was a member of the Chicago Teacher's Union.

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As she told WBBM, she used to teach math both in the Windy City's public schools and in its colleges.

But for even longer than she's been teaching, she's voted in every election she could.

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For her, voting is an act that pays homage to the work of her forebears in securing women's rights.

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As Lumpkin put it, "When I was born, women couldn't vote."

So ever since she was first eligible to vote 80 years ago, she's never missed an election.

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During her first election in 1940, Lumpkin cast her vote for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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But while that occurred before the U.S. would face one of its most arduous challenges, she doesn't feel that it compares to the one unfolding now.

As CBS News reported, she said, "It's the most important election of my lifetime. The very future of democracy is on the line."

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With those stakes in mind, nothing was going to stop her from voting.

Although Lumpkin was able to secure a mail-in ballot, she still had to drop it off and even that posed a threat to her as her age makes her particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus.

So as we can see here, she decked herself out in PPE that resembled a Hazmat suit and completely covered her body to safely see her ballot off.

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From there, her ballot will be tracked electronically and she expects to receive confirmation that it arrived.

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As she put it, "As soon as they get my ballot I'm going to get an email that'll let me know they have the ballot."

Although her voting experience may not mirror what others throughout the country will have to deal with, her commitment goes a long way to illustrate how essential voting is.

h/t: CBS News

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