Tattoo Artist's Designs Look Like Patches Sewn On Skin

Some tattoo artists offer a variety of styles and types of tattoos while others like to specialize. If a specialty is what you're looking for, may I introduce you to Min Zumi?

This amazing tattoo artist focuses on one unique style of tattooing. He makes all his designs look like intricately embroidered fabric patches. Once you see it you'll know exactly what I mean.

How does Min Zumi create his tattoo art?

He does it using an effect consisting of thin lines of varying colors and shades. These lines create the illusion of threads sewn onto the skin. Boy, does it ever look super realistic, too.

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This is exactly what makes his tattoos so unique.

It all boils down to the detail and how passionate he is about this particular tattoo technique. I think his passion definitely shows off in his amazing, playful, and fun designs.

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He draws each and every line of his tattoo with extreme care.

All of his designs are well thought-out and carefully planned. This, in turn, leads to one of the most creative tattoos his clients will ever get. How fabulous is this one?

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If you think mastering such a special technique is easy, you'd be wrong.

Zumi actually developed his style through painstaking research. He also studied and worked with other professionals in the field. I think he's since perfected his way of doing it.

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Oh my goodness, and I thought the Banjo-Kazooie fandom was dead.

Good to know it's still alive and well here, hee, hee. This one definitely looks like an embroidered patch was stuck on this person's skin. Isn't that absolutely incredible?

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Perhaps your pet rabbit or some other furry friend would also appreciate their likeness done as awesome as this.

Maybe I should reconsider getting just a typical portrait tribute tattoo to my dog and get it done this way instead.

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Zumi loves to pay tribute to pop-culture and many anime characters.

You can even get a mixed style tattoo like this one done by him. I think this is such an interesting combination. It pretty much has a little bit of everything.

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This talented artist is always searching for new inspiration for his awesome designs.

The skills of other masterful artists are what motivates him. They are like his absolute fuel. His goal is to keep creating better and better ideas for his clients.

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So what do you think of this style of tattooing?


Does it appeal to you? I think it's really cool and playful. It's something that will set you apart from all the other people walking around with tattoos for sure.

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