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Candy Corn Voted The Worst Halloween Candy In New Survey

Who here is excited about getting some Halloween candy? Halloween is that time of the year when I don't beat myself up for eating too many treats. After all, it only comes once a year. Am I right?

But there are great Halloween candies and then there are those not so great. I'm here to tell you which ones you should stay away from, at least, according to a new survey that was conducted by Let's count down the worst Halloween candies, shall we?

10. Licorice

Giphy | RETRO-FIEND did a survey of over 20,000 of its own customers to find out the best and worst Halloween candies. Lo and behold licorice came out as one of the losers. I gotta say I'm not surprised because I actually hate it, lol.

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9. Good & Plenty

I have to admit I've never had this candy before. Judging from this list, that's actually a good thing. And, now that I know its standing here, I'm definitely not trying it, ha, ha!

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8. Mary Janes

Apparently, after a brief hiatus, Mary Janes are back on store's shelves. You be the judge of whether that's a good thing or not. Some people seem to love them but not when it comes to Halloween candies.

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7. Tootsie Rolls

Unfortunately, this is a popular one during Halloween, so don't be surprised if you see a lot of these in your kid's Halloween bag. They're cheap and they usually come in every mixed package of Halloween candies.

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6. Necco Wafers

The complaints about this Halloween candy are endless. People say they're dry and chalky. That's enough of a reason for me to stay away from them. But if you want to chance it just try them yourself.

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5. Smarties

Candy Store

Smarties (also known as Rockets in Canada) are similar to Necco Wafers. They are chalky, hard, and basically just pure sugar. I typically throw these straight into the trash when I get them.

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4. Wax Coke Bottles

Reddit | Blinkle

These were definitely fun when you were about five-years-old. Are you feeling me? Once you were old enough you realized that there isn't much to them than a layer of wax and some sugar water. Yuck!

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3. Circus Peanuts

Honestly, I had to look this one up. I had no idea what it was, lol. The description of these reads that they are '"American peanut-shaped marshmallow candy." Come again? What in the heck is that supposed to be? Next!

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2. Peanut Butter Kisses

Don't get these confused with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Hershey’s Kisses — they are neither. And, to be frank, you'll be horrified once you try them, especially if you expect them to actually taste as good as the abovementioned and beloved goodies.

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1. Candy Corn

Giphy | megan motown

Drumroll please, let me introduce you to the worst Halloween candy ever. This vile candy is a mixture of several ingredients, including sugar, corn syrup, confectioner's glaze, salt, dextrose, artificial flavor, a bunch of colors, and gelatin. Enough said!

What do you think of these rankings? Do you agree that these are the worst Halloween candies?

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