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15+ Weird Pics That Show How Much Things Change When They're Neglected

In many cases, we can expect the things we leave behind to look more or less the same. For instance, I forgot my backpack in a lot of weird places when I was in school and it never looked any different when I finally tracked it down.

But of course, not everything works that way and even the things that can normally stand a little isolation change a lot when left alone under the right circumstances. And while this transformation doesn't necessarily take a long time to happen, it's almost guaranteed to get more extreme after enough time passes.

You've likely seen some of the strange changes on this list yourself but I'm not sure what it means if you've seen all of them.

1. A lot can happen if you leave a drink container in the freezer but this case was particularly fascinating.

Reddit | Teknikal_Domain

While putting a water bottle in the freezer is standard practice when you're preparing for a hot day, it can also leave the ice you create in some odd shapes depending on the bottle's design.

And since the formation in this cap broke off from the rest on its own, we have an easy side-by-side comparison.

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2. Clearly, this laundry was left in the hamper long enough to get used to the cramped conditions.

Reddit | Fritstopher

So when this person put it on their bed, they discovered it had clumped together in a cube as if it had just been through a car crusher.

And no, I can't say I would've poured my dirty laundry all over my bed either.

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3. If you live somewhere hot, these gummy vitamins will likely be an annoyingly familiar sight.

Reddit | Bigi_Chizu420

But in this case, this person left the tub behind their console and it all congealed into one giant super vitamin.

It's unclear whether they meant they left it in a hot car or behind their game console but that sounds like a sign of serious overheating if it's the second one.

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4. Ice cream always tastes weird if it refroze after thawing but it also looks pretty weird in this case.

Reddit | benboobi

Apparently, this was because the uploader left the tub on its side while it was freezing again and the ice cream was gooey enough to slide all to one side.

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5. This person obviously likes their coffee much colder than their girlfriend does but not quite this cold.

Reddit | AnaBanona

Everyone learns the hard way what happens when you get impatient and put a soda can in the freezer but with a cup of joe, you just get iced coffee in the most literal way possible.

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6. As we can see here, someone had a similar idea with a smoothie and ended up with more or less the same results.

Reddit | mich_lle

Only this time, they apparently left a spoon in it, which basically just means their smoothie has turned into a crooked popsicle.

That's going to be hard to juggle when it melts.

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7. While leaving one's house for three days is hardly unusual, that was apparently enough time for something weird to develop in the uploader's home.

Reddit | Deandre3000

In case it's not clear, they returned to their bathroom only to discover that mushrooms were growing in the shower.

Unfortunately, that's a bad sign that all is not well behind this wall.

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8. While we can definitely expect some things to change when we leave them in hot cars, it seems that this is also true when the car gets cold.

Reddit | VJU89311

For instance, the prize that this person won at an arcade now has all of the little balls inside of it frozen in place.

They're hoping it works again once it thaws out, which tells me this thing probably cost a lot more tickets than it seems.

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9. Although the lemonade flavors of some sports drinks can be clear or white, that wasn't originally true in this case.

Reddit | duluthzenithcity

As you might notice, this is strawberry lemonade Powerade, which means it was pink when this person bought it.

However, it only took a few hours in the sun before all the color faded from it.

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10. Although most of the effects we've seen so far have been inconvenient, the uploader was actually pretty pleased with what happened in this case.

Reddit | Lewisroberts88

After they left their phone case on an old orange table, they noticed that some of the paint flaked off and left little orange spots on it.

And from the sound of it, they'd be pretty OK with this as a deliberate design choice.

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11. Although there's a certain appeal to fountain pens and others like them, there's also a chance that they can bleed and make a mess.

Reddit | nekokat7676

As we can see, that's what happened here and it basically guarantees that this person won't finish their crossword puzzle.

Not only that, but it also apparently cost them a lot of expensive ink from Japan. So that's a bummer.

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12. This cup is supposed to be biodegradable and it proved that a little sooner than the uploader would've liked.

Reddit | happyasalamb

It seems like it's still usable but it's also already warped into a kind of blossom after spending a little under two hours in the sun.

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13. Erasers can get pretty dirty if you use them enough but that's apparently also true if you leave them in the wrong place.

Reddit | BrewsGhost

In this case, someone left one sitting on this worksheet and the ink from the printer rubbed off on it enough to fill the eraser with gibberish.

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14. After this person took some DayQuil, they left a little bit of liquid sitting in the cup.

Reddit | ops-name-checks-out

And while it's unclear how long it took for this to happen, we can see that the medicine eventually started to crystallize.

I doubt they were expecting that.

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15. This person may not have realized they left their magnetic wallet in their pocket but it became obvious after they spent enough time at work.

Reddit | scifiking

As we can see, the metal shavings that were created while they threaded pipe stuck to the outside of their pants and made this little pattern.

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16. If a lot can happen when something is left alone for just a few days, we can already imagine how much can change over the course of a full summer.

Reddit | Chango99

That's how long this drying rack was left out here and it's apparently enough time for nature to start trying to claim it.

It probably wouldn't be too hard to get this thing free but it's kind of wild that it happened this quickly.

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17. Potatoes can grow odd, spindly sprouts if they're left alone for long enough but they look a little different in the case of a sweet potato.

Reddit | TrollDolly

As we can see here, they're a lot more purple when they're coming out of a yam. That doesn't mean they're any less poisonous, though.

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18. If you leave transition lenses next to the blinds, they can end up with some interesting patterns on them.

Reddit | SuperiorBlade36

In this case, it seems that the uploader has Venetian blinds on one of their windows because they were closed when this happened.

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19. As the uploader put it, "My neighbor doesn't check their mail often."

Reddit | halper2013

It's actually more likely that they don't subscribe to any newspapers because that's what the cubby that this robin decided to set up its nest in is usually used for.

With that in mind, the neighbor was probably happy to see they've got some new little friends on the way.

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20. It's perhaps not surprising that a banana would change a lot after being left in car for a few hours but this was still an unexpected result.

Reddit | deepseaolive

Apparently, what we're seeing here is the difference between being left behind in direct sunlight and being left behind while something is shading you.

Based on how much damage the sun can do, it's likely that the black part was the exposed part.

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