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Two Moms Encourage Others To Put Political Differences Aside In Viral Post

Ryan Ford 8 Oct 2020

For those of us old enough to remember, election years haven't always been as bitterly and passionately divided as 2020 has been.

Yes, elections always bring out enthusiastic partisan people, as they should. But we've never seen a year quite like 2020 for hyperpartisan divides, with just 3% of likely voters saying they hadn't decided who they were voting for two months before election day, according to Axios.

That's why Marne Litton and Tasha Hancock felt it important to share a message about getting along in this turbulent year.

Litton and Hancock are neighbors in Cedar Park, Texas.

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They've lived next door to each other and called themselves friends for six years now, and they've both noticed that, this year, the election has made attitudes quite heated.

"On our neighborhood page, I would see a lot of issues with people stealing signs, throwing paint on signs, punching holes through them, a lot of bashing back and forth," Litton told KVUE.

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Even though they support different candidates, Litton and Hancock are determined to not let political vitriol poison their relationship.

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So, Litton, who supports President Trump, and Hancock, who's supporting former VP Joe Biden in the election, put together a little photo shoot for Facebook to prove that they can have a difference of opinion and still get along.

"So, I may think one way about one subject and that's why I vote a certain way but, that doesn't run my whole life," Litton told KVUE. "That doesn't mean I'm a bad person or my kids are not good people or we're not a good family and vice versa."

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Hancock says that they're both trying to role model — and not just for grown-ups in the neighborhood.

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"We're both mothers. This is to demonstrate to our kids that you can have different opinions, you can look different and still respect and love one another," she told KVUE.

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And of course, it's important to remember that they'll still be neighbors after the election is all over.

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So the two families will keep on keeping on.

"She’s had my kids over for movie night, we’ve had them over for dinner, we are always borrowing things from one another and bringing each other goodies. Guess what....different skin color, different political beliefs but mutual love and respect," Litton wrote in her Facebook post.

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