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11+ Brilliant Ikea Hacks People Came Up With

Most people know that Ikea furniture is very versatile. You can find a lot of basic pieces that you can customize to your liking. Whether it's putting items together, disassembling them, or painting them to suit your style.

There are so many cool ideas for Ikea furniture you'd be surprised. Check out these awesome ways people hacked their Ikea furniture.

1. This Dresser Makeover

Reddit | elizabethekm

See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. This plain BJÖRKSNÄS dresser got such a cool makeover. All you need to do is get some paint and use your creative skills to make a pattern of your choice.

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2. This Pull-Out Desk Hack

ikea Hackers

If you need to create an instant workspace in your cramped apartment, this would be a perfect idea. This pull-out table was made inside a MALM chest of drawers. I think it looks absolutely fabulous.

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3. This Front Entry Storage Shelf

Reddit | NyanCat82

If you have the right space in your house to hang up stuff right by your door, check out this idea. How cool is this shelf idea here? I would totally do this.

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4. These Cat Bunk Beds

Reddit | LunaTheTater01

Somebody actually turned this Ikea DUKTIG doll bed into bunk beds for their cats. Well, it looks like at least one of the kitties is enjoying it. Where is the other? We'll never know, ha, ha!

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5. This Floating Cabinet

Reddit | sawyersdogmom

Who doesn't need extra storage? Am I right? I always do, lol. But if I didn't want to have a clunky and big storage cabinet this floating one is super cool. I think it looks so slick and chic.

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6. This Pet Sanctuary

Reddit | tke849

Where would you house your bearded dragon if you had one? This person decided to give them an impressive and roomy enclosure out of their Ikea KALLAX. Wow, this looks so great. Doesn't it? I totally love it.

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7. This Hidden Office Desk

ikea Hackers

Here's another genius idea on how to create a hidden office desk. This time it was placed inside of someone's wardrobe. Say what? Oh, yes indeed. Doesn't that look so convenient and cool? I definitely think so.

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8. This Hidden Cat Litter Box

Reddit | Brothengar

Speaking of hidden things, check out this neat idea. Cat litter boxes can definitely be a little unsightly. Am I right? Well, not when you make this awesome hidden one that nobody would even know about.

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9. This Bunk Bed With Steps

Reddit | mr_gentileo

Bunk beds are always a great idea for kids. But sometimes they can be hard for them to get into. These folks realized that and created this cool steps/storage bin one here. That's so much better, right?

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10. This KALLAX Storage Idea

Reddit | kevinthewild

If you ever need a clever idea for some storage space, look no further than Ikea's KALLAX. Here, it was transformed to hold this person's camping gear. I think it looks so neat and organized.

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11. This Laundry Room Counter

Reddit | mgervasi293

How do you create instant counter space in your laundry room? This person used the KARLBY countertops as their laundry room counter. I think not only it's a good idea but it looks awesome, too.

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12. This DIY Home Bar

Reddit | Braikenb

I've always wanted to have a cool bar space to display all our favorite booze bottles. I honestly never would have thought of this idea. This was made with two of Ikea's FJALLBO cabinets. Wow, that's impressive.

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13. These Cat Shelves


Oh my goodness, I'm absolutely obsessed with these cat shelves. This is like creating a fun environment for your kitties to be playful. I gotta say, these are some lucky felines here, hee, hee!

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14. This Fairy Princess Bed

Imgur | StrongMed

This is the kind of bed every little girl dreams of! Her dad was able to make it from Ikea's KURA kids' bed, and added a bunch of magical features. There's even a little playhouse inside!

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So many ideas, so little time. Am I right?

Giphy | IKEA USA

I wish I had all the time in the world to hack all my Ikea furniture. Nonetheless, these folks did give me a few cool ideas here. Which one do you dig the most?

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