Mom Invents 'Grinch On A Stick' To Replace The 'Elf On The Shelf'

Brittany Rae 15 Oct 2020

Alright. Take everything you know about Elf on The Shelf and throw it right into the chimney. This year, we're doing Grinch on a Stick.

I know, it's way better, right? The Grinch on a Stick (or Grinch on a Bench — he is a mysterious man who goes by many names) is a much more mischievous version of the classic holiday toy.

Grinch on a Stick was invented by blogger Amanda Taylor of the website Guide For Moms.

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She wrote an article detailing her new idea, which involved DIY-ing her own Elf on a Shelf, since the authentic ones were way too expensive. Thus, Grinch on a Stick was born!

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The Grinch is there to delight you and bug your kids.

He's a pretty nefarious figure who holds Elves hostage and encourages kids to clean up their acts (and messes). Parents have tons of fun having the Grinch get up to all kinds of trouble!

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Some parents have created elaborate backstories for their Grinches.

See, the family's Elf on the Shelf was kidnapped due to poor behaviour from some pretty naughty kids. They have to fix their behaviour up quick if they want their Elf back!

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All in all, he sure is a mean one.

This is a great tradition for those families who like a little humor with their Christmas celebrations! And don't forget — the Grinch's heart grew, too, so he doesn't have to be all bad!

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