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15+ Things That Look Completely Different On The Inside

No matter how much we take the things in our lives for granted, there's a part of them that we don't often see.

While some people take great pleasure in taking things apart to see how they work, others are afraid that if they do that, they won't be able to put them back together gain. And of course, it's not as if we can usually do that to things we don't own no matter how curious we may be about them.

Fortunately, our friends throughout the internet come from all walks of life and through the images we're about to see, they can give us a way to satisfy our curiosity without worrying about breaking anything.

1. While this doesn't show all the inner workings of an ATM, it does show the stark difference between the old and new bills inside of one.

Reddit | delofan

As aesthetically pleasing as the new bills might be, one commenter who services ATMs said they're actually pretty annoying to work with because they jam if you don't beat them up to ensure they don't get stuck to each other.

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2. Unfortunately, this isn't what the inside of a healthy cactus looks like.

Reddit | 1JustAnotherPerson12

Still, it's nonetheless fascinating to see that it's possible for them to naturally look like this. And apparently, the uploader didn't even have to do anything to get this view.

Whatever is afflicting the cactus simply "broke" it, in their terms.

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3. Apparently, this is the drive axle hub on a vehicle known as an HGV.

Reddit | pewpewyouuk

If that term is unfamiliar to you, that's because it's more widely used in Europe. It stands for heavy goods vehicle and typically refers to particularly large trucks.

And based on the fact that this person seems to be researching how to fix one, it looks like they have pretty complicated drive axles.

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4. We don't often see it because it needs to be protected for the whole unit to work but this is what the sensor of a digital camera looks like.

Reddit | daninger4995

Judging by the comments, it seems that your mileage may vary as to whether it resembles the one inside your camera but it's a lot more colorful than I would've expected.

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5. If you cut into a nutmeg seed, this is what you're likely to find.

Reddit | Mysecondbestbed

I've heard it compared to a tiny brain but I've also heard others say it looks like it has a bunch of little faces inside of it.

Who knew nature had its own Rorshach tests?

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6. Since this kind of curiosity can get very expensive depending on where you live, it's best to let the uploader show us what an inhaler looks like inside.

Reddit | mainematt83

To be clear, this isn't an emergency inhaler but rather the kind that those with asthma and other respiratory conditions are supposed to use every day.

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7. It's likely not clear just from the picture but this is what an inflatable paddle board looks like.

Reddit | alex22323

Maybe I've just been conditioned to think this way by the look of kiddie pools and other inflatables but this looks a lot hairier on the inside than I would've expected.

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8. While it's almost impossible to eat an orange without knowing what the inside of the peel looks like, that doesn't mean we can't go deeper into it.

Reddit | BorednDumb445

Once you remove the pith — the white part between the skin and the fruit — you can see the bumpy texture of the inner part of the skin.

That property shouldn't come as too much of a surprise given how many little indents are on the outside of an orange but it's still kind of odd to look at.

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9. Although not all Rubik's cubes look like this inside, this is what you can reasonably expect if you open up a 5x5 model.

Reddit | CarrotAddict

I kind of want to see what it looks like when you turn it while it's exposed like this. And if that would break it, I think that just speaks to the demand for a transparent one.

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10. While some of the things on this list have been more complicated than we might expect, the opposite can also be true.

Reddit | EndVry

For instance, here we have an RFID key card that you might use to enter your office.

It turns out that all the work seems to be done through this thin, copper wiring and the rest is just solid plastic.

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11. So far, we've mostly seen people cut things open or take them aprt to show us their insides.

Reddit | mibtag

In the case of an Etch-a-Sketch, however, the uploader was able to scratch it out in such a way that the pattern inside the unit was fully visible.

Apparently, it only took them about 40 minutes to do that.

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12. I can't exactly say I'm surprised that those soda fountains that let you pick from a wide menu would look this complex inside.

Reddit | slamfist69

Still, this picture goes a lot to give us a sense of how nightmarish these things must be to restock and maintain.

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13. This photo provides a pretty fascinating view of the insides of an Ikea mattress.

Reddit | HenChef

Other than the foam, it doesn't really look that different from the guts of older mattresses that many of us have seen after somebody threw them out.

This is little a pretty cool perspective, though.

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14. While most of us might just be inclined to throw the pits of mangoes away, this person decided to cut one open first.

Reddit | Duckerton3

As we can see, the seeds inside have an oddly flat shape that reminded one commenter of an oyster.

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15. While it's generally not so difficult or interesting to see the inside of a can, it s kind of neat to see what's inside a spray can.

Reddit | FollowTheScript

Thanks to the signature sound it makes when someone shakes one up, we already knew that there was something knocking around inside the can to keep the paint from settling.

However, you may not have known that a glass marble is used for this purpose.

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16. I guess it would make sense that inside of one of those touchscreen tablets at McDonald's would resemble the inside of an arcade machine.

Reddit | divikwolf

It takes a pretty hefty power source and some fairly complex connections to keep one of those things running.

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17. Beneath all of the string, this is what you can expect some baseballs to look like.

Reddit | Mudkipislife69

You'll probably end up with something different if you open up an official MLB ball but I'm curious to know whether those ones look as much like a hostile planet as this one.

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18. Considering that exit signs manage to keep the entire word lit in the event of a power outage, you might think they'd have more under the hood than this.

Reddit | X111CrewChief

Not only do the inner workings of an exit sign look fairly simple but the lights inside of them are also smaller than I would have expected.

I guess that explains how they can stay illuminated for so long.

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19. The only way we can see into a Redbox unit without getting in trouble is to be there when someone is servicing it.

Reddit | zachvip291

And much like in the case of the more sophisticated soda fountains, we can see that it takes a complicated Rolodex and data reading system to make sure you actually get the movie you ordered up.

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20. Even if you've seen the inside of a golf ball before, you never quite know what's it's going to look like.

Reddit | DespaYeetOes

After all, all sorts of different companies make golf balls and they have different results in mind behind their designs.

So while the insides tend to be colorful, they're also a lot like snowflakes in that they rarely seem to look alike.

Now that you've seen the insides of a bunch of every day objects, I hope that this has inspired a little curiosity in how the things we take for granted work and led you to see them in a different light.

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