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15+ People Determined To Bring Some Joy To The World

Ryan Ford 8 Oct 2020

2020 is perhaps not the best year to think about things that are highly contagious, but at least that list wouldn't contain 100% bad things.

I mean, yawns get passed around a room like gravy at Thanksgiving and they're not necessarily something that you need to worry too much about. And I'm fairly certain that a good chunk of the young female population came down with a serious case of Uggs in the mid-2000s that didn't hurt anyone.

But there's just nothing quite like a smile for things that are contagious in the best way possible. So, here's to those who just want to make the world smile. They're doing good work!

1. Beaming up to the moo-thership?

Reddit | above56th

I don't really know how cattle abductions by flying saucers are supposed to help sell ice cream cones but hey, why not.

Ice cream basically sells itself anyway so graphic artists may as well amuse themselves — they'll amuse us at the same time too.

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2. Not the worst idea.

Reddit | midnightqueen0712

If you're having trouble making out this sign, it reads:

"Gonna ask my mom if that offer to slap me into next year is still on the table."

It's a painful fast forward, but it just might pay off.

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3. Smooth.

Reddit | Moby-King

Sure, the vast majority of the time, the MJ on the side of this dump truck will be horizontal.

But, just for those moments when the bed is tipped up, it's total perfection. And puts the song directly into your head, doesn't it?

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4. This Halloween is a 'go' for liftoff.

Reddit | mobilesuit_Builder

I don't know if this display is in Houston or Cape Canaveral or what, but you have to respect the work that went into it.

It might not be the spookiest out there, but the spirit couldn't be better.

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5. This cow is in heaven.

That is one properly pampered bovine and although it makes me a bit envious of the level of joy and relaxation it gets from a simple combing and chin scratch, I can't help getting caught up in its delight.

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6. When caffeine is life.

Reddit | ProfEmory

Okay, coffee is not meant to be consumed with a straw. But if you absolutely have to have a straw, a ridiculously large straw is obviously the way to go.

For one thing, it will draw the eyes of strangers. And for another, you get more coffee with each sip. Big win.

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7. All in all, just some other bricks in a wall.

Reddit | InkDrach

Lego definitely isn't meant for real construction — just practice construction — so it's not ideal to fill in gaps with it.

Unless you really want to add some color and fun, of course. And if structural integrity isn't a major concern, why not?

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8. They're a quite well behaved bunch but light eaters.

Reddit | Shaynasaur

Okay, apart from October, it might be a bit inappropriate for this restaurant to use skeletons to take up spots and make ensure social distancing among its patrons.

But for at least that month, they should absolutely go for it.

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9. Is this a traffic cone? No, it's Patrick.

Reddit | diceb0mb

Well, yes, it actually is a traffic cone. But it's also Patrick. Hey, considering the whole point of traffic cones is to draw your attention, it'll work at least as well as a plain, boring orange cone.

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10. Just keep updating it.

Reddit | Chrismittty

Because, like Wu-Tang, elections are also forever. Maybe it just seems that way because of 2020 being 2020, I don't know. They've got my vote, for what that's worth.

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11. Did some family's dad get lost at Safeway?

Reddit | Usajz

It's some serious attention to detail to not only flip the upside-down cake mix but also the price tag for it.

So maybe the store did it? I wonder if this actually helps the Betty Crocker sales. Can't hurt, right?

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12. Nachoooooooo!!!

Reddit | goangelsgodevils

You've got to love teachers like this guy. "Sure COVID makes teaching tough, but my class thought I had the best picture of all time," he wrote on Reddit.

Apparently, he even made it out of authentic Mexican wrestling mask material.

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13. "A few years ago, I made my wife and my mom similar mother's day gifts."

Reddit | Piratey_Pirate

A mother's love is irreplaceable possibly because it's been tested so much. But you have to admit, it's a unique gift that this guy's mom is sure to remember.

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14. Ouch.

Reddit | ArmedDreams

I guess the beef isn't the only thing getting roasted at this Chinese restaurant. With fortune cookies like that, I hope the guests have a good sense of humor.

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15. "I was bored at the end of a tour so I took my luggage to the skatepark."

Reddit | JamieUKSubs

As much as the other dudes there look bewildered at the guy hauling his luggage around the skate park, I can't help being curious about what sweet moves he tried to pull off that we're not seeing.

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16. "Have them every morning!"

Reddit | jus2hackyou

Well, I don't think I'll be able to call my breakfast "eggs" ever again. "Butt nugget" isn't the most appetizing name in the world but it does stick with you, doesn't it?

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17. They're just telling us all what we want to hear.

Reddit | Vlaed

Sure, restaurants could spend time coming up with clever or classy names but this Korean joint decided to cut to the chase, and frankly, it's genius.

You'll remember this place at the end of the day!

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18. "My friend’s horse showing off his new plushy. He is very proud of it."

Reddit | lfdaily5

I always thought it was dogs — and to a lesser extent cats — that got attached to plushies.

And I always thought horses were too classy for such things. I've never been happier to be proven wrong.

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19. From downtown!

Reddit | JillianLNR

"A friend told me to post this here, but my new birth control comes in a plain white container and I had to decorate it," the uploader of this pic explained.

Apparently, it's based on a design by Joan Cornella and it's just a spot-on illustration for a birth control container.

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20. "Saw Plank with a mask on helping at my local Taco Bell Drive Thru."

Reddit | sheikandstitch

Hey, when you work a drive-thru, you need all the morale boosting you can get. Been there, done that. Plank might not be able to make change, but he can lift spirits with the best.

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