Stylist Gives Clients Makeovers To Prove A Proper Haircut Can Make A Difference

Have you ever noticed that when you get a good haircut your whole face changes? Some styles are definitely best suited for certain people while for others, they simply don't work as well.

This is especially true when it comes to picking the right stylist that can bring out the best in you. That's exactly what this Korean-based hairstylist does for her clients.

Jurgita Malakauskaitė is one special hairstylist who loves to transform her clients through their hair.

She has mastered many techniques from shortening someone's bangs to working with long locks of hair. No matter which direction she takes the results are simply stunning.

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Her entire work's motto is to 'convey beauty through her fingertips' and that she does so well.

Just look at the wonderful makeover she was able to give this pretty lady. Her hair appears more bouncy and shiny. Doesn't it?

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Do you want to see Jurgita at work?

Well, this video is a quick time-lapse of exactly that. Here you can see Jurgita working tirelessly to make her client look the best that she can. Isn't this so fun to see?

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It can be so important to pick the right hair color that doesn't wash out your complexion.

This seemed to be the case with this lady. The new hair color is much bolder and stronger. I definitely like it better on her.

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With the right hairstyle, you can instantly go from boring to chic and stylish.

Even a ponytail can look so much more sophisticated. I really love this simple yet powerful transition here. This lady's hair is a lot bouncier now.

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I love the fact that Jurgita was able to elevate this lady's hairstyle with just a few simple things.

First of all, she gave her a great haircut and then she styled it to add more waves. I adore this "after" look.

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This is a great example that shows you that even a shorter haircut can be taken up a notch.

The first one is really boring and plain. The made-over look is so much more fun and playful. Do you agree with me?

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I absolutely love long hair. I've been growing mine for some time now.

But with this type of length, you need to be careful that it doesn't overpower you. Sometimes a shorter hairdo can do a lot more for your overall look.

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Here's another great version of the same idea.

This lady's long locks while beautiful weren't doing much for her. Now her style looks a lot more put-together and modern. This is definitely something I would like to do with my hair, too.

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This woman's hair is similar to mine. It's actually pretty fine and needed to be fluffed up.

I like how Jurgita treated it here. She gave this lady a much more polished look. I think she looks quite fabulous indeed.

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This hairstylist definitely proves that even simple changes can make a huge difference in someone's appearance.


With the right haircut and hair color, you can be ready to take on the world. I think these ladies are up for doing just that, ha, ha!

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