12+ Oddly Satisfying Pics That Calmed Our Nerves

Brittany Rae 9 Oct 2020

What's your preferred form of mindless scrolling? Mine is definitely art videos on Instagram. However, my second favorite form? Oh, it's definitely satisfying pics.

It's time to kick back, relax, and late-night scroll through some truly satisfying pictures that will make you go, "ahhhh." Let's get that seratonin.

1. This is so pleasing to my color-loving eye.

Reddit | downtherabbithole420

Look at that fade. I like that it doesn't follow a rainbow's order, but instead follows color temperature. This is just a chef's kiss of an image.

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2. This is the good stuff.

Reddit | anniemckenzie13

The way the snow is peeling off of the brick is just so calming. It's likely due to a sheet of ice over top of it, which kept the chunk together. Source: me, a person who once lived in a place where it was winter eight months of the year.

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3. I just want to say thank you to these steps.

Reddit | Boojibs

The level of craftsmanship that went into those smooth, even lines is astronomical. Whoever laid these steps is an artist, plain and simple. Thank you for your service.

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4. Nice, nice.

Reddit | scansinboy

These perfectly chopped peppers made for a sauce are just so nice to look at. Now, do I have any idea why you'd need that many peppers for a sauce? No. Am I going to question it further? Also no.

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5. I would be so afraid to touch this cake.

Reddit | ststephen630

Luckily, removing a cupcake wouldn't ruin the satisfying illusion of it! This cake design is truly satisfying on every level. Now, I hope it tastes as good as it looks...

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6. Nothing provides like nature does.

Reddit | dittidot

The crazy textures of this shoreline are so nice to look at. Look at the perfectly unbroken lines of the waves against the beach! That's some good stuff right there.

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7. The nice levels are over 9000.

Reddit | Bilshire

I can't believe this level of coincidence. The pan they just bought matches the countertop! I have no idea what the odds of this are, but I do know that I like looking at it.

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8. This is a veggie-heavy article, y'all.

Reddit | downriverrowing

There's something about the brightness and freshness of vegetables that just lends them the ability to be satisfying, no matter what. Shoutout to that perfectly shaped "Z" up top.

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9. This bracket was hand-drawn.

Reddit | yummytuber

Imagine how good you'd feel if you drew this. You'd be on top of the world. Untouchable. If this were me, I'd 100% take a picture and post it on the internet. You need proof of this kind of miracle.

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10. Is it a city? Nope. It's a ship.

Reddit | u/dittidot

I love this so much. Cargo ships are fascinating vehicles, and the reflection in the water is just proof of that. Look how much is loaded up on that bad boy!

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11. How on earth does nature do this?

Reddit | u/an3s079

This is an Atlas cloud, aka a cloud that looks like Van Gogh painted it. The beauty of our plant is so damn cool. I can't imagine seeing this in real life!

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12. This flower is too perfect to touch.

Reddit | bikbuk

But boy would I be tempted to. How on Earth did it grow so perfectly symmetrical? I hope this flower lived a long and healthy little life.

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13. Believe it or not, these are plums.

Reddit | thee_aristocat

"Perfectly Sliced Plums in a Tart by Chef Amandine Chaignot." If I didn't love pies before, I am definitely in love with them now. I could stare at this all day.

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14. The absolute perfect marshmallow stack.

Reddit | squid50s

The evenness of the color. The perfect golden-brown char. The amazing way they sit on top of each other. I could not be more satisfied — hang on, wait. I could be, because I could be eating those things right now.

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